Little Bean’s 5th Birthday with Friends


As Little Bean’s 5th birthday approached Hubby and I discussed her possible party celebrations we kept coming back to the idea of her inviting her whole class. We had tried asking her who she particularly wanted to invite but the list changed every week depending on who she had been playing with. I think it’s been a tough year for her finding her place at school, she has made some good friends but she is quite the social butterfly and hasn’t quite settled on ‘best friends’ just yet so it made sense to invite everyone. The idea was extremely daunting but we wanted her to have a birthday to remember.

As well as all her school friends, no party would be complete without Ella and Master C whom she has been friends with since tiny babies and her cousin A. In the end we had 25 children and they all had so much fun. Hubby was Head of Entertainment and did a marvellous job, I am seriously considering hiring him out at weekends for children’s parties. We had lots of much needed help from our parents, family and friends, we could not have run the party without them.

I would love to be able to show all of the gorgeous photographs from her party on here but I don’t want to share photographs of others’ children without obtaining their permission so I’ll stick to just Little Bean and Ella who you have seen many times before.

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