Fairy Princess Party Kit from Interplay {Review}

Fairy Princess Party Kit

A few weeks ago we were sent the Fairy Princess Party Kit from Interplay to review and I knew just the occasion that I would save it for. I had already organised a play date with one of Little Bean’s school friends and I knew that she liked everything ‘Princess’ so it proved to be a winner from the start.

The Princess Party Kit is actually designed to be used by a party of 6 but I decided to split it down and use it on different occasions to make it last longer. The party pack contains everything you need to make 6 Princess Tiaras, 6 Fairy Wands and 6 pairs of Fairy Wings as well as all the gems, stickers and feathers necessary to decorate them.

When I opened the pack the girls squealed with delight and quickly made their choices on what they wanted to make – Fairy Wings!! (Beanie Boy was disgusted at the idea of making anything PINK so he made his own space masks from a kit he received for his birthday). They did get a little bit carried away with their stick on gems and used all of them up so they didn’t have any left for their crowns and wands but who am I to argue on how many gems should be on their Fairy Wings. Once they had completed their wings they made swift work of their wands and tiaras, they even made a tiara for me (oh how lucky I am!!).

The components for the Fairy Wings, Wand and Tiaras are all made from foam sheets and unfortunately the stickers didn’t stick too well which was a shame. It didn’t bother the girls because they would just keep putting different stickers on but as a parent I was a little disappointed. I have reviewed Interplay products before and have always been very impressed but this time I think they needed to look into better adhesives for their stickers.

The RRP for the kits is £24.99 which isn’t too bad bearing in mind it provided over an hour’s worth of entertainment for the girls and they thought I was a seriously cool Mummy for coming up with this little beauty, I would just like to see more stick on gems and better stickers. The foam has lasted better than I expected it to, Little Bean is still playing with her tiara, wings and wand two weeks later and apart from missing some of their stickers they are still in good condition.

There are four party kits in the range to choose from; Fairy Princess, Mad about Ponies, Treasure Box and Pirates.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent a Fairy Princess Party kit free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.

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