Review: Cussons Mum & Me range

Review: Cussons Mum & Me range 3

Taking care of yourself is always important if you want to look good for as long as possible but never more so than when you are pregnant or have just had a baby. Growing a super-cute little bundle of joy definitely takes its toll on your body, dry skin and stretch marks are just some … Read more

Review: Elastin3 Advanced Stretchmark Cream

Review: Elastin3 Advanced Stretchmark Cream 4

This year Hubby and I will be celebrating our sixth wedding anniversary, I often look at our wedding photos with a hint of jealousy because I loved my figure on the day that we married. I had worked hard to get in shape, to look good in my dress! I loved my flat tummy (without … Read more

Tesco Blossom Range for the New or Expectant Mum

Mother’s Day can sometimes be a tricky one for the expectant Mum or the newborn Mum but take it from one who has been there (twice) one thing which will always go down a storm is something which Mum can pamper herself with. Expectant and newborn Mums can often feel tired, unattractive and a like … Read more