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There’s nothing more scrumptious than the soft and delicate skin of a newborn baby is there? I remember with each one of mine the hours that I would sit holding them, whilst gently stroking my thumbs up and down their silky soft calves marvelling at how their little limbs where barely much bigger than my thumbs. It seems crazy to believe it now when I look at them all growing so fast.

When Little Bean was a baby I started taking her to Baby Massage classes from about 6 weeks old. She loved it and I loved it, it’s an amazing bonding experience for mother and baby, I would recommend it to everyone. There is a ‘but’ coming though . . . BUT after just the first couple of sessions I noticed a change in LB’s skin on her legs, the smoothness was gone and she had rough, dry patches forming on the backs of her legs. The course tutor said this was a very odd thing but to try a different oil so I think I changed to almond oil. It didn’t improve her skin condition but it didn’t make it worse either.

Over the years I have noticed that all three of the Beans have suffered with dry skin from time to time, something that I have luckily always avoided myself. Little Bean’s has most often been the worst as she seems to have quite sensitive skin but the boys have dry patches too. Dry skin is actually quite common and so with baby skin being so delicate it is more prone to becoming dry.


A couple of weeks ago we were sent Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion to try out. We had previously used the Oilatum Bath products which definitely helped the skin but it was a pain for cleaning the bath as it would leave a greasy residue. The arrival of Oilation Daily Junior Lotion was a very welcome one indeed as this wouldn’t mean extra cleaning was necessary!

What makes Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion unique?

New Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion contains a blend of mineral oils and moisturising ingredients like shea butter, which nourish and rehydrate the skin. Dermatologist tested, its gentle and effective formula is pH balanced, colour-free and clinically proven to gently and effectively soothe dry, young skin, whilst keeping it protected from further dryness. It is gentle enough to be used every day, even from day one, provided gentle protection for delicate baby skin and is clinically proven to reduce the occurrence of dry skin.

How does it work?

In healthy skin, the surface layer acts as a barrier, protecting against water loss and maintaining soft and smooth skin. But in dry skin the surface layer can be damaged making it easier for water to be lost causing it to become dry, tight and uncomfortable.

New Oilatum Junior Daily Lotion protects the skin by leaving a thin layer of mineral oil on the surface – this gently seals in moisture and improves skin hydration.

Used everyday, NEW Oilatum Junior Daily Lotion helps prevent further dryness by nourishing the skin’s natural moisture barrier, helping to protect against dry skin.

The Verdict

The lotion has a very delicate pleasant scent and the lotion itself is very light and absorbs quickly and easily (great for when you have little wrigglers on your hands) and it doesn’t leave a greasy residue as some dry skin lotions can. I have been using the lotion for the past couple of weeks on all three of the younger Beans and have noticed a marked improvement in their skin. They have stopped complaining so much of the itchiness of their skin, it looks and feels healthier and as a result they are happier too. This has been a very welcome addition to the household and I will most definitely be keeping a stock of it in the bathroom cabinet.

Tips for a calm, relaxing bathtime/bedtime routine.

Get someone else to do it whilst you put your feet up with a glass of wine out of ear shot of the family bathroom!!

Oh sorry did you think I was joking? Well only slightly, I don’t drink wine every evening but I DO tend to avoid bathtime if I can help it as I always end up more wet than they do. It was so much easier when they were tiny babies who didn’t argue back. Even Jelly Bean is starting to protest at bathtime now and he screams the house down when you try to wash his hair.

BUT this might work for you; burn a Lavender scented candle (out of reach of the children of course) to help calm them (and you), keep the temperature turned up because there is nothing worse than stepping out of a warm bath into an arctic atmosphere. Have a soft fluffy towel ready to wrap them up in (that’s the bit I love) and snuggle them dry not forgetting to dry between the toes and behind the ears. Give them a gentle massage with Oilatum Daily Junior Lotion and then tuck them up in bed with some warm milk and a gentle bedtime story (but try not to fall asleep before they do).

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the above pictured Oilatum Gift Hamper for the purpose of this post. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission.

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