Sk:n provides acne scar treatment for clearer skin

I will hold my hands up from the start and say that I have been very lucky when it comes to my skin, I have never been an overly spotty person which is surprising to say that I’m actually quite lazy with regards to a skincare routine. Most of the time I only use water to wash my face and a very light moisturiser. I go to bed more often than I should with a face full of make-up or just remove it with a baby wipe. For many teenagers and adults, this isn’t the case and I really do sympathise with them. I remember friends at school who suffered with terrible acne and it would be extremely distressing as well as painful for them.

My own Hubby was an acne sufferer for years. Thankfully now his skin is clear and scar free, he even likes to boast that people think he looks younger than his age. Still, I do hope that our Beans take after me in the skin stakes and don’t have to go through the physical and mental pains of acne in their teenage/adult years.


As with most things, acne scar treatment have come a long way since our teenage years and now the likes of Sk:n are on hand to provide the highest-grade products and acne scar treatment helping more acne sufferers that any other skincare provider in the UK. Sk:n recognise that everyone’s skin and condition is different so they don’t treat everyone with a ‘one size fits all’ approach, each person and their condition is treated different with acne scar treatment designed specifically to help them.

Acne scar treatmentA journey to clear skin with Sk:n starts with a one-to-one consultation where your needs, means and timescales are discussed in order that your personal plan can be devised. For some this might involve a prescription product, for others perhaps blue light treatment with a qualified nurse or a course of medical grade peels using clinical products at home.

If you want to know more about how Sk:n is working for others and can work for you why not follow their Clear Skin Challengers on their journey to clearer skin.

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