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Introducing the next generation in Mother and Baby Skincare

Is there anything better than gorgeous newborn skin? With each of my Beans I would unwrap one of their little legs when I was feeding them so that I could gently stroke their foot and lower leg because it was so silky smooth, so new. I also used to marvel that their calf was no bigger than my thumb and that still amazes me every day when I see my hands tapping away on the laptop – how on earth they ever have been THAT small?

Mother and Baby Skincare

With baby’s skin being so delicate it’s important to choose skincare products which will love your baby as much as you do and will all that your body goes through in growing your perfect little bundle, it’s important to take care of yourself too. That’s where –TEN– Mother and Baby skincare is perfect.

Made in Italy, -TEN-®, the new boutique mother and baby skincare line uses the finest medical grade natural ingredients to soothe and care for both yours and your baby’s skin. Gently fragranced, new -TEN-® has been formulated by Italian skin experts. The -TEN-® mother and baby skincare range harnesses natural ingredients known to be both gentle and efficacious. All of the eight products in the new -TEN-® range respect the skin’s natural balance leaving yours and your baby’s skin looking and feeling its best.

-TEN- is everything that you want for you and your baby, it is completely ‘free from’ with no parabens, ethanol, SLES, formaldehyde, dyes, colour, phthalates, lanolin, soap and paraffin mineral oil. The entire range has been designed to reduce the rish of allergies. To be sure that they were creating something that Mums really want, they asked them! Their research revealed;

    • Mums didn’t know what was in the products they were using but that they wanted to, so -TEN- clearly label their packaging so Mums are left in no doubt as to what they contain.
    • Mums wanted to feel pampered and special (don’t we all?) so -TEN- has been created to pamper your senses as well as your skin.

Mums didn’t want lots of products from different ranges with lots of different fragrances so the whole range has been created to work in harmony with each other.

I think Mums will love this new range because it delivers exactly what it promises. It has a delicate aroma and absorbs easily into the skin leaving it feeling silky smooth and looking fresh.

The Baby Range includes: Bath Milk, Natural Shampoo, Gentle Massage Oil, Cleansing Foam, Body Lotion, Protective Nappy Cream and Soothing and Nourishing Lotion.

For Mum: Stretch Mark Prevention and Reduction Cream, Breast Care Cream and Hydration Body Cream.

-TEN- Mother and Baby Skincare ranges are available from selected Boots stores nationwide, Boots.com and cleverskincare.com

DISCLAIMER: I have been sent a sample from the range for the purpose of this post. All opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.


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