Tips for an easy bedtime on Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve in some respects is the most exciting part of Christmas, the anticipation of Santa coming and wondering what presents will be waiting under the Christmas Tree or in the stockings. So it comes as no surprise that come bedtime on Christmas Eve getting the children to sleep can be a little difficult.

When it comes to getting the Beans to sleep we try to follow a fairly simple routine which usually results in the Beans nodding off to sleep at a reasonable hour which promises us an evening to finalise Christmas preparations and a Christmas Day where we aren’t battling overtired children.

Christmas Eve

  • Get out for the afternoon and enjoy a festive family activity. Take them ice skating, go for a wintry walk and see the pretty Christmas lights or perhaps visit your local Church for the Christmas Crib Service.
  • Return home for a warming tea and Christmas Family Film night whilst you enjoy some special Snowman Soup (Hot Chocolate with Marshmallows and a Candy Cane to stir)
  • Open a very special first Christmas present which will be waiting by their beds (new Pyjamas and Christmas book to read)
  • Have a warm bubbly bath using Johnsons Baby Bedtime Bath and give them a soothing massage with Johnsons Baby Bedtime Cream all proven to help baby sleep better with NaturalCalm Aromas. The soothing Lavender will help to settle them down to a relaxing nights sleep leaving them full of energy for a full day of fun on Christmas Day.
  • Snuggle them up in their new Pyjamas and read their very special new Christmas book before tucking them up and giving them a kiss goodnight.
  • Finally, leave them to listen to gentle soothing music or a calming story CD.

Christmas Eve

This routine will ensure that your little angels get off to sleep with ease on Christmas Eve but I’m making no promises as to what time they will wake up, so all that I can say is good luck and Merry Christmas xx

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the above Johnson’s Baby Bedtime products for the purpose of this post. However they are items on my regular shopping list anyway. All words, images, pictures and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission.



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