Time to Up Your Home Security

If you’ve been worried about home security, now is the time to up the measures that you’re going to take. While having solid doors and locks on your door are a great way to prevent theft, it’s not an automatic given that it’s going to work, either. Taking further measures now to protect the belongings inside your home is simple and not that stressful or strenuous at all. If you’re ready to add an extra layer of protection to your home, here are some easy reasons for ways that you can do just that.

Time to Up Your Home Security


If you’re looking for a way to up the security of your home, Lockibly has you covered. There are many positive aspects of having an upgraded lock on our doors that just can’t be ignored. Here are some things to think about when trying to decide how to secure your home or business.

Automatic locks give pure peace of mind

How many times have you left your home or office and couldn’t remember if you actually remembered to even lock the door? The good news is that the automatic lock function on this door lock will lock any door within 3 seconds of it being shut, no matter what.

That means that you can leave your home or business and not ever have to worry or waste precious time running back to check, ever again.

Time to put away the keys

Home security

Keeping tracking of house keys can be a real pain, But with the lock from Lockibly, you literally never have to worry about digging in your purse or pockets ever again.

This lock not only allows you to use your fingerprint to open and unlock it, but you can plug in 100 different fingerprints as well. While you might not have that many people in your home, it’s a great way for businesses to give access to people without having to get keys made up or worry about people forgetting their keys to be able to get into work.

Battery operated and easily charged

Since this awesome door lock is run by batteries, there’s less to worry about on your end. But the really great news? One 30-minute battery charge will give it enough juice to last for up to 365 days long! Who wouldn’t take 30-minutes out of their day to get a year’s worth of security?!

This security method is used by government agencies all over the world

Talk about protection! The internal encryption of this security feature is used by some of the biggest agencies in the world. And even more than that, it’s literally unbreakable.

Burglars and those wanting to break in cannot do so with force. It’s like having an extra layer of protection with just one installation.

Security is affordable and easy to set up

Home security

For just a few hundred dollars, you can have your new security in place for your home or business easily. This means that compared to what could be stolen during a robbery or raid, it can easily be stopped by installing this on your front door.

As you can tell, installing a different solution on your door is an option that won’t break the bank or your budget. Not only does this give you peace of mind but it also allows you to give certain people access easily to your home or business without having to physically give them a key.

When it comes down to protecting yourself, your family, and your belongings, the choice is clear on the easiest and most efficient way to make it happen. Taking the time now to upgrade your security is something that you’ll be happy you did later on down the road.

Time to up your home security


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