A smile in a teacup – our beautiful Little Bean

Its been quite a week for Little Bean, she had her first two days at preschool or ‘Little School’ as she likes to call it. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and even asked if she could go there again today. 

Play at the park

We had fun in the park and we’ve done lots and lots of playing at home.  Today, we allowed her to carry on her theme of being a ‘big girl’ and didn’t take her pushchair to the shops with us.  We knew we were only going for a few things and so wouldn’t be too long.  We were both pretty amazed by her, she skipped around in her own little world for a while but on the whole, she did as she was asked.

A smile in a teacup - our Little Bean

Little Miss Entertainment

In one shop she had us (and quite a few passers-by) giggling at her. 

As we walked through the TV department they had a music channel playing, so she started dancing in front of the TV. When we told her that we needed to move on she just danced her way along the aisles, waving her hands in the air and shaking her bum! That’s my girl!!

Love you Little Bean, you light up my life xx

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