Project 366 – Week 9 2016

Whoopsie I’m getting behind with this project already. Perhaps I needed it to run from a different day each week as Sunday seems to the day that I struggle to open my laptop, I’m sooooo busy relaxing after a busy weekend.

  1. After our busy day at Drayton Manor and Thomas Land on Saturday we enjoyed a relaxing Sunday at home in the morning and then popped over to see Nanny and Grandad in the afternoon for a cuppa and catch-up. Grandad called for my camera to take a photograph of their black cat, she wasn’t impressed with my efforts and warned me off straight after this shot was taken.

Project 366

2. With Little Bean and Beanie Boy back at school, Jelly Bean and I enjoyed a chilled out day at home catching up on jobs and enjoying some crafting. Jelly Bean had received this Dinosaur Moneybox for Christmas and suddenly asked if he could paint it. I was amazing by his patience to sit and paint every last square centimetre of white. The look on his face when he had completed it was priceless but sadly I didn’t capture it. He was so very proud of himself, I just hope that he doesn’t accidentally break it as he can be a little clumsy.

3. At the start of the year I was doing so well at getting out exercising but ill health had stopped me and then I lost the inclination but on Tuesday morning I woke up feeling ready to exercise so after dropping all of the children at school I headed out in the rain for a run. It was much harder than I anticipated but having beautiful views like this made it so much easier to keep going. I am determined that this is the year I get my health and fitness back. I am feeling increasingly unhappy with myself and there’s only me who can do something about it.

Project 366

4. Whilst at my Sister’s house over Christmas I was introduced to this game called Tantrix. I have always loved games and activities which make you use your grey cells so I instantly clicked with this one. I suddenly remembered it a few weeks ago and decided to order one for our family. I have been having fun playing it myself and decided to put the Beans to the test. It’s a great game to get the mind working in a different way and I was impressed by how well the Beans tackled it. We are a long way from completing it but we shall keep trying it little and often.

5. The Beans celebrated World Book Day dressing up as characters from books. Little Bean has been learning about Robin Hood so was keen to dress up as him and a firm favourite in our house at the minute is Harry Potter so Beanie Boy was delighted to dress up as the family favourite. Jelly Bean didn’t actually have to dress up but I didn’t wan to spoil his fun and was more than happy for him to dress up as Spiderman.

Project 366

6. Nanna took the day off work and we had a lovely day out in Stamford. Jelly Bean was complaining of the sun shining in his eyes in the car so he found the sun hat Nanna keeps in the car for them and was quite the clown!

Project 366

On Saturday morning we were up and out of the house early to take Little Bean to the Drama Festival in Peterborough to meet up with her team mates  They performed Daddy Fell into the Pond by Alfred Noyes and did an amazing job winning their category. We were all so proud of her you couldn’t possibly have wiped the smiles from our faces.





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