Little Live Pets

Little Bean’s Little Live Pets Review

Little Bean has been a lover of Little Live Pets since she first saw them in the shops. She received her first Little Live Pets Bird for her birthday last year and was delighted with it but as time has gone on she kept asking for a ‘friend’ for her bird. As luck would have it we were asked if we would like to review Little Live Pets Birds to review and now Little Bean as not one, not two but THREE Little Live Pets Birds.

Little Live Pets

Last weekend Little Bean’s Drama team won their category at the area Drama Festival so this seemed like the perfect opportunity to award her with her new pets. Naturally she was over the moon and excitedly brought down her bird cage for the new birds to explore.

What are Little Live Pets Birds?

The Little Live Pets Birds are the perfect way for children to have their very own pet bird! These cute new birds will respond to touch and sing, chirp and tweet just for them! The more they play with the bird the happier it becomes, and when it’s super happy it will even whistle a special tune! They can even talk back, use the button on the birds’ chest to record up to 10 seconds of your voice then listen as the cheeky birds talk back.

Little Live Pets

What Little Bean thought?

I loved my old Little Live Pets Bird but I used to think she seemed a bit lonely on her own. Some of my friends have two birds and they had told me that their birds would talk to each other which I thought sounded great. I’m really lucky now because I have three birds and I love them all. Lucky Lee is my favourite because he looks like a Cockatiel that we saw when we visited the Birds of Prey Centre in Cornwall. I love his crest because it makes him look really different to the other two.

Goldie is a very girlie bird with her pink wings and feet and the glittery hearts. Mummy says she is a lot like me because she doesn’t shut up talking and tweets all the time but I’ve told Mummy that’s because she is really happy in her new home.

Little Live Pets

Both of my new birds are getting on really well with my old bird too and now she talks more too so she likes having friends. When I stroke their backs they start tweeting and if I teach them new things to say by pressing the buttons on their chest, I can get them to speak to each other. Mummy says it gets a bit noisy but I think it’s really funny. The more I talk to and play with my birds, the more they talk and tweet and sing to me.

I have asked Mummy if I can have a Little Live Pets Puppy too but she says I have to wait until my birthday.

DISCLAIMER: We received two Little Live Pets Birds for Little Bean to review for the purpose of this post. All words, opinions, and images are our own and may not be copied without my permission.


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