My First Social Media Account – What are the pros and cons of social media for a Tween?

social media for a tween

As the parent of a tween who regularly asks for her first social media account, I wanted to be able to answer her question with full knowledge of my decision.  For that reason, I reached out to online advice and support company to ask for the expert of advice of Ghislaine Bombusa, Head of … Read more

Tips for Purchasing Safe Toys

Safe Toys

Kids can truly enjoy playing with their toys. It’s very important to remember, however, that safety is a priority. Thousands of children are injured every year by unsafe toys. Let’s learn what characteristics to keep an eye out for when purchasing toys, and how keeping some easy guidelines in mind can help prevent injuries. Limit … Read more

How can you monitor kids’ activities online with Familytime parental control app?

Little girl at computer with parent

A parental control app is so important nowadays, with the number of children’s devices at home and school. It seems increasingly challenging to monitor their activities online. The ideal would be to accompany them when they use the internet, whether they research school work, play online with their friends, watch videos, or download music. But, … Read more