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How can you monitor kids’ activities online with Familytime parental control app

A parental control app is so important nowadays, with the number of devices that children have at their disposal both at home and at school. It seems increasingly difficult to monitor their activities online. The ideal would be to accompany them when they use the internet, whether they are looking for information for schoolwork, playing online with their friends, watching videos or downloading music, but, let’s be realistic: we can’t always be watching everything they do.

Monitor Kids Activities Online

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So the most practical thing is to install a parental control app to limit the use of the internet and control which pages they can access and for how long. According to the latest data from the ESTUDES Study (2016-2017), prepared by the National Plan on Drugs, 21% of school-age children make compulsive use of the internet.

The parenting challenge

Little girl at computer with parent

With my middle child, I used a parental control application for a few years (on his mobile and laptop). More about this later, but now that everything is going so fast, with my daughter I feel a little overwhelmed. At 10 years old, she uses my mobile to talk with friends on Whastapp, my tablet to play with classmates and an old laptop to watch videos on YouTube and download songs… there are so many places I need to monitor. Although we try to always use the internet near us, we cannot be watching what she does 100% of the time.

The time has come to protect all the devices they use

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The tool that I used for a few years to limit and control my middle child’s access to my mobile and tablet is FamilyTime parental monitoring app. I discovered it when my son had his first mobile phone (at 12 years old) and we have used it with him until recently when he turned 16. I have also recommended it to many of my friends who have found it very useful at monitoring their kids’ activities online. Now I am using it to protect the laptop we have given to our daughter.

FamilyTime App

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With the FamilyTime app, you can protect a user as well as the device. To do this you have to register first, enter the child’s name and age and then install the application on the device you are going to protect. Then, through the app or the Parent Dashboard, you can check which pages they browse and see which networks they connect to, and establish usage rules, such as blocking inappropriate content (you can put your own filters: porn, gambling, violence) or access to sites that cannot be categorized.

Setting Restrictions

In addition, you can limit their usage to certain days and hours to prevent internet addiction,  for example, it has been seen that the inappropriate use of screens and exposure to blue light before bed can disturb sleep. You can receive a daily or weekly report of the activity on the protected device by mail.

The application works for Android, Windows, iOS, and Kindle and has a very complete Premium option (paid) in different versions (with coverage for 5, 10 and 15 devices), which significantly increases the protection with the tracking of calls (shows you who your child is talking to and for how long), the option to block games and apps, enable geolocation tracking, SMS tracking and extended reports if you wanted to delve a little deeper. I used the premium version of the parental control app and it works very well. To try the app for your kids, head to the app store on your phone and install the app from there.

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