• gender stereotypes

    Teaching Our Kids: Banish The Gender Stereotypes

    Whether you have sons, daughters or both, you want to make sure that your kids grow up tolerant, sensible and responsible. You don’t want your little darlings to grow up thinking that they can’t achieve something simply because of their gender. While the world is still male-dominated with a wide gender pay gap and there […]

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  • Car Safety Tips for Parents

    Car Safety Tips for Parents

    With potentially dangerous situations surrounding your children at home, on shopping trips, and while travelling, it can be a constant challenge trying to keep your children safe. Traffic incidents, in particular, are a leading cause of injury and death in children around the world. Though accidents happen, there are several things you can do to […]

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  • Cyberbullying

    Breakthrough app helps prevent cyberbullying

    Gallery Guardian is the first app that helps parents safeguard their children from cyberbullying by alerting them when illicit images are being shared or received on their smartphones or tablets. Gallery Guardian today announces its official launch on the Apple and Google Play Stores: the safeguarding app that helps parents keep their children safe while […]

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  • Children's Safety

    How to ensure safety for your children at home

    And they’re off! A little one’s first time crawling is no doubt a treasured entry in your baby’s development diary. But once the excitement fades a little, it’s time to face the brand-new set of challenges a curious, determined and mobile tiny person presents. Fear not, though, as there are lots of simple steps you […]

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