Be glamorous when breastfeeding this party season!

Jelly Bean really IS going to be my last baby, I promise BUT those pesky people at Babes with Babies don’t make life easy for you when you’re trying to nudge your way out of the baby years. When I was pregnant/breastfeeding Little Bean, I HATED maternity clothes, I always felt frumpy and completely unattractive. Then when Beanie Boy came along things were beginning to improve although I still struggled somewhat when it came to breastfeeding, I just tended to live in jeans and t-shirts, nothing too glamorous. Now since my pregnancy with Jelly Bean and the ensuing months of breastfeeding I discovered Babes with Babies, or rather they found me and I’m so so happy that they did because they have transformed the way that I feel about myself. I no feel the need to hide in a corner to breastfeed my baby under a scarf or shawl, I don’t feel the need to turn down invitations to evenings out because I can’t find anything moderately attractive to wear that will still enable me to feed my baby because Babes with Babies have all the answers.

Jessica Hope

My most recent little gem is the Jessica Hope breastfeeding top which is going to be a staple for me through the Xmas Party Season. I chose black because I’m still feeling a bit cuddly around the edges but the Jessica Hope top is also available in Paprika or Dove Grey if you’re fed up with classic black. It is has a drape front which when scooped to the side reveals a vertical central access to allow baby to feed through the openings in the internal layer which is very similar to my favourite dress of all times, the Stella Dress which I now see they do in a gorgeous navy. The great thing about them all is that even when you have stopped breastfeeding you can carry on wearing them and no-one would know that you’re wearing breastfeeding clothing because they don’t scream it out.

I wore my Jessica Hope top last week to the Little Tikes Playdate and teamed it with black leggings and a mini skirt, but it would look just as good with a maxi-skirt, smart trousers or jeans depending on the occasion. So now that I am free to party, where’s my invite?

DISCLAIMER: I was sent a Jessica Hope Breastfeeding Top free of charge for the purpose of this post. All words, opinions and images are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.

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