How to create a ‘Romantic Bedroom’ in 7 easy steps

Romantic Bedroom

Whether you are married, engaged, living together or still looking for love, being in an intimate relationship is a special union which should be treated as such. It’s so easy when decorating your home to overlook the bedroom as it’s the room in your home that is seen by visitors. Our bedroom was the last … Read more

Quick tips for a beautiful bathroom

Bathroom tiles

After a long and busy day, what’s better than unwinding in a bubbly tub surrounded by twinkly candles? So the last thing you want is a bathroom cluttered with kids toys and bottles galore, which completely ruin that tranquil time you had planned. These tips should help you keep that bathroom organised and functional but … Read more

Refreshing the lounge with Valspar paint


We have been in our house for over 5 years now and the lounge hasn’t been redecorated since the first week we moved in. Yes we have changed the curtains, rug and cushions to give it a facelift but not a full-on redecoration. That all changed in February when it was all change. In the … Read more

Where do you look for Kitchen style Inspiration? Read my top tips . . .


As I sit in my ‘almost’ finished kitchen/dining room I’m quite pleased with the new look we have achieved this Summer. Before the six week Summer holiday kicked in our kitchen and dining room were two separate rooms but we decided they just didn’t work independent of each other. We employed a builder to come … Read more

Five ways to create dream interior design style – Top savvy tips from interior designer, Abigail Ahern

Abigail Ahern

I have always been a home bird, I like my home to look and feel good. It might not always be tidy but I like the basics of the interior design to be there so that when it is tidy, it looks stylish too. I often read through Home Style books and look online for … Read more

How to enjoy the full range of benefits from industrial furniture

adjustable crank table

Industrial furniture has been getting lots of attention in recent times from both homeowners and business owners alike. This is because such furniture is renowned for its durability, strength, cost-effectiveness, and functionality. Invest Wisely However, blind investment in this type of furniture is a bad idea. To be able to gain the advantages that come … Read more