How to create a ‘Romantic Bedroom’ in 7 easy steps

Whether you are married, engaged, living together or still looking for love, being in an intimate relationship is a special union which should be treated as such. It’s so easy when decorating your home to overlook the bedroom as it’s the room in your home that is seen by visitors. Our bedroom was the last of the rooms we chose to decorate for that exact reason, we decided that we could ‘live with it’ until we found the time to do something more permanent.

All that said, your bedroom is the one room where you get to truly be alone with your partner so rather than have it as a storeroom for the ironing basket and all the other clutter that you have tidied away from the rest of the house it should be a room where you want to spend time together. A room that makes you want to relax together, to be more intimate and to reconnect. So how do you create a ‘Romantic Bedroom’? Let me give you a few tips . . .

Choose a soothing colour

When selecting a colour for your bedroom, don’t feel pushed into choosing the ‘fashionable’ colour of the moment. Choose a colour you love, a colour which makes you feel calm and relaxed. Generally these would be muted, natural colours but obviously this is down to your individual tastes.

Romantic Bedroom
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Make the bed the focus of your room

If you are choosing a bed that is for a couple, go shopping for it together. Be sure to give each other enough room to move in the bed and to feel that you each have your own space to sleep. According to Feng Shui you should have a bed with a solid headboard to offer you both full support in life and to protect you whilst you are sleeping. For the romance factor, perhaps consider something a little shabby chic which always offers a romantic feel. Whilst searching online I discovered Hudson sell French provincial furniture in Sydney which is exactly the sort of bed I mean but I would need to find somewhere a little closer to home to save on shipping costs!

Remove the TV

Now I don’t know about you but I don’t tend to find sitting in front of a TV particularly romantic so I don’t understand why you would want a TV in your bedroom. Take away all tech from the bedroom and you have much more reason to concentrate on each other!!

Bedroom Storage
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Find good storage solutions

There is nothing less romantic than a room full of clutter so invest in good wardrobes, drawers and perhaps an ottoman if your bedroom can take it so there is no excuse to leave clothes and junk lying around. Get into the habit of putting everything away each night before retiring to your room so that you don’t become distracted by a pile of ironing or dirty washing. Keep the laundry bin in the family bathroom so it’s out of sight of the bedrooms and leave the bedrooms for *ahem* bedroom stuff.

Romantic Bedroom
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Add candles (whether you intend to burn them or not)

I used to hate candles, I always felt they were something which the elderly had in their homes but with the rise of the Yankee Candles, they have become quite trendy and I have to admit, my house now has candles in every room. To add to the ‘passion’ we took on the advice of our Feng Shui Consultant and added red candles, the colour of passion. Obviously if you’re planning a little romance then nothing says romance like candle light but it’s important to stay safe and make sure they aren’t anywhere they might get knocked over in the heat of the moment or set light to the curtains! There are some really good flameless candles on the market if you want to stay safe.

Romantic Couple
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Display photographs or images of you as a couple or romantic couples artwork

As I have told you previously I really believe in the power of Feng Shui so I wanted to share with you some of the things I have learnt. The master bedroom should be a shrine to that couple, not somewhere to display photographs of the family. Instead adorn your walls with images of either you as a couple or artwork of couples in a romantic/passionate embrace. In other words display images of what you would like to see from your own relationship.

Use decorations to remind you of special times

When choosing decorations for your room select items which remind you of special times together. This could be special shells from romantic holidays, flowers which hold a special meaning for you both so that when you look at them you will instantly be transported to a happy place and time.

A bedroom between a couple is so much more than a place to sleep, it’s a sanctuary for you as a couple so make sure it reflects that.

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