CBD Oil and sports

For many people, sport is an essential part of their lives, because exercise and sport are strictly related to the quality of life for many people. Anyone who has found joy in exercise and sport will never want to do without it again in their lives.

Every beginning is difficult – after a while, however, sporting activity becomes routine and has a positive long-term effect on all areas of life. Before rushing to the shops or diving online we recommend you do your research and find a reputable guide for buying hemp oil for pain to ensure you are using the correct dosage.


Regardless of whether you go for a walk, do housework or do particular sports – physical activity can increase your body’s energy balance and increase both your psychological and physical well-being.

CBD oil, the natural ingredient of the cannabis plant, THC-free can help you not only feel good during physical activity but also better. Thanks to some of the best online CBD companies, you can now buy online Sensitiva CBD oil on Justbob and learn more about the products and the way to add CBD oil to your daily routine and to better recover from sports activities.

Use of cannabis CBD oil in sports

CBD oil is usually taken in the form of drops or capsules. These prove to be practical companions for everyday life and guarantee a good reception. Especially at the beginning, CBD drops prove to be particularly beneficial because you can dose them individually.

The CBD drops can also be dosed higher in acute cases or with severe pain and heavy physical exertion.

The capsules are ideal for on the go, as they can be packed directly into the sports bag.

With oil, it is advisable to be careful and store it upright. If you take it with you in your sports bag, we recommend that you store it in an upright position.

After that, you should keep it, as the capsules, in a cool, light-protected place. A refrigerator is an ideal place for this.

When should I take CBD Oil?

When it comes to CBD oil and sports, it is recommended to take the drops immediately after training and before going to bed. Even on non-training days, it is advisable to take the drops, especially on the evening before, to promote regeneration.

Which CBD oil concentration is recommended?

CBD Oil and sports

To be prepared for inflammation symptoms, muscle cramps or difficulty sleeping, it is recommended to use the best CBD oil with a concentration of 5%.

You should also make sure to purchase a CBD oil with high and pure CBD content. A particularly gentle extraction method is crucial for this.

The terpene entourage effect also gives you information about high-quality oil. It is the ideal interplay of the terpenes with the cannabinoids – the oil can thus develop its effect ideally.

In addition to CBD oil for oral use, there is also the option of using CBD externally in the form of creams or gels. These can be beneficial for the body, especially after physical exertion.

But gels can also provide relief for tension and muscular pain. Besides, you support the ability to regenerate, so that you can start the next workout in a relaxed and fit manner.

The legal position of CBD in the hobby and elite sports

CBD oil can be used in both hobby and elite sports. Compared to THC, CBD has no intoxicating effects and can, therefore, be used ideally in both hobby and elite sports.

Justbob, the knowledge portal about cannabis as a medicine, also reports that CBD oil is a useful alternative, especially as a natural pain reliever for athletes:

  • Compared to medication, CBD is not addictive and can also be taken over a more extended period.
  • CBD can significantly reduce regeneration time. It is due, among other things, to the anti-inflammatory properties.
  • CBD can help with sleep problems. Adequate and good sleep is essential for regeneration.
  • WADA, the World Anti-Doping Agency, has meanwhile removed CBD from the list of banned substances in sports. Thus, athletes can easily use CBD products.
  • CBD oil is allowed for top athletes

Micronutrients in sports: increased need?

CBD Oil and sports

Due to the increased energy turnover, people who do sports also have an increased need for micronutrients.

Besides, electrolytes and trace elements are lost through sweat. In most cases, the increased need cannot be met through diet.

Micronutrient deficits can have the following consequences:

  • Drop-in performance
  • Susceptibility to infection
  • Joking muscle cramps
  • Lack of training progress
  • Delayed regeneration
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Increased risk of injury
  • Oxidative stress

Sport, nutrition and CBD

Nutrition is another fundamental element when it comes to sporting success. Proper nutrition can also help you stay motivated.

On the one hand, it provides you with the necessary energy; on the other hand, nutrition can be explicitly used before and after sport to increase performance or promote regeneration. The diet should also be adapted to the training. The recommendations vary depending on the type and duration of the exposure.

In addition to hemp CBD protein, this food protein vitamin contains other essential vitamins and trace elements. The powder can be ideally mixed in shakes or mueslis and provides you with additional essential B vitamins, magnesium and green tea extract for that extra kick.

CBD oil as an ideal companion during training


CBD can support you holistically in reaching your training goals. It promotes relaxation and serenity to remain mentally balanced.

It also addresses physical factors such as inflammation parameters or pain and can help improve regeneration after intensive training and even shorten regeneration times.

The quality of sleep, which is essential for the achievement of physical performance, can also be improved with CBD oil.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at the best CBD oils and CBD hashish online on Justbob.shop. Lots of little things, but these are essential vital factors when it comes to staying productive and motivated in the long term.

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