How do you feel about the quality of your sleep?

Sleep seems to be a common topic of conversation since I became a parent. From the moment your baby is born, everyone who greets you and your newborn will say “awww isn’t she/he cute, how are they sleeping?”. We’ve had a mixed bag with all of our Beans, we have used the same bedtime routine for all of them and on the plus side, have never had any issues around them going to bed. They all get into bed happily, snuggle down to sleep and that’s generally the last we hear of them until morning (unless they need a trip to the bathroom in the night but that’s very rare).

The mornings for us are the bit that we are still a little ‘all over the shop’ with. Little Bean as a general rule will wake around 7am, sometimes a little before, sometimes a little later. Beanie Boy is our early riser, he used to sleep well until after 7am but for the last 2 years has persistently woken anywhere from 5am to 6.30am and he always seems tired. Jelly Bean, thankfully, is more like his big sister and will sleep until around 6-6.30am (plus his daytime nap of approx 2 hours) and since hitting the teenage years Curly has resorted to stereotype for a teen and almost needs dragging out of bed!

Hubby tends to be one of those people who falls asleep the minute his head hits the pillow and wakes when the Beans do, or before if he has work on his mind and when it comes to me, I struggle to fall asleep at night as my mind is always busy, thinking about what I have acheived or, more often, what I didn’t achieve that day and then in the mornings I am still in my ‘teen mode’ needing to be dragged kicking and screaming from my bed because I just want to sleep, unless Jelly Bean comes to wake me because he strokes my face and tells me “wake up Princess Mummy” which always wakes me with a smile. These days I wake most mornings with a banging headache and horrific neck pain so I’m guessing I’m not sleeping too well. I am still loving the Dormeo mattress we received earlier this year so I assumed it might be my pillow, last weekend I bought a new memory form pillow to try but so far the jury is out since I have STILL been waking with a bad head and neck. Any suggestions gratefully received . . .

I was recently sent the results of a survey carried out across the UK via Mattress Next Day which I found quite interesting. I have picked out the areas of the survey I found most applicable to me and my family. How do you feel about your sleep? How do you compare to the rest of Britain, check out the results below . . .

Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep Sleep

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