Is CBD Pre-Rolls An Effective Tool to Quit Tobacco / Nicotine?

Cannabidiol or more widely known as CBD pre-rolls / joints, is quickly becoming the favoured method of delivery for many consumers. The reasons go beyond the capabilities of the compound itself (though that’s the primary benefit), but a secondary advantage, smoking the substance, is helping individuals quit tobacco and more harmful habits. 

Effective Tool to Quit Tobacco / Nicotine?
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People are finding an association with consuming pre-rolls and being able to quit tobacco/nicotine cigarettes or indulging in THC-rich marijuana responsible for intoxication. Many smokers were limited in their methods for quitting the habit of patches, behavioural treatment programs, self-hypnosis, medications, or attempting to just stop “cold turkey.” These techniques worked for some, but in a lot of cases, people fell right back into the cycle. Find out the reason you should try pre-rolls by visiting this link

Can CBD Rolls Help Smokers Quit Tobacco/Nicotine For Good?

A cannabidiol pre-roll is merely the hemp flower crushed and rolled into a joint just like a marijuana blunt – only CBD is non-psychoactive with no THC meaning the v cannot make you high. Of course, you can get pre-rolls that include THC – check out how you can buy quality pre-rolls in Seattle if you are interested. The compound became legal federally with the enactment of the farm bill in 2018.

The compound derives from the hemp species of the cannabis plant, meaning the THC or tetrahydrocannabinol is less than 0.3%. THC is what creates the intoxication in marijuana, for which, typically, you can expect up to 10% or more of the cannabinoid. 

Hemp is rich in CBD but smells and looks like marijuana, so you will need to be careful where you consume your products. Users incorporate the pre-rolls to stop using harmful substances because smoking CBD provides the same physical and social stimulation as smoking without the adverse effects. When the craving for nicotine strikes, you can light a CBD joint, and it will create the illusion and satisfy you psychologically.

The compound has been shown in various studies to have the potential for alleviation a variety of urges found with addiction as well, specifically with narcotics like heroin. Withdrawals tend to induce symptoms associated with anxiety, insomnia, and depression, for which CBD helps to reduce. Click this for inquiries pertaining to CBD as a smokable product.

How Does Smoking Compare With Vaping?

Some tobacco smokers use the alternative of vaping as a more healthful approach of satisfying their urge for their lungs, and a crowd-pleaser in comparison. CBD is versatile in that you can either smoke or vape the compound, but suggestions indicate smoking is the better choice. 

When you smoke the compound, it reacts faster with its effects and drastically increases the bioavailability in the system, noting up to 60% absorption. With ingestion, you generally receive merely approximately 15%.

Is Smoking CBD Harmful For Your Lungs?

Whenever you take smoke into your lungs through inhalation, you are creating the potential for harm. Studies do exist on smoking CBD and its respiratory effects. The most significant damage is going to come from nicotine and smoking cigarettes. CBD consists of none of that harmful substance.

There are a few minor side effects that some people might experience when they smoke CBD, inclusive of

  • Slight nausea
  • Increased thirst
  • Diarrhoea
  • An altered moor 
  • A change in appetite
  • Anxiousness

These are minimal when you consider the damage that is happening to your body with the use of nicotine cigarettes. These are the leading contributor to lung cancer, diabetes, COPD, and heart disease. There are virtually no benefits to smoking cigarettes.

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There are, however, though not official, anecdotal therapeutic properties that help to contribute to overall wellness with CBD, and the psychological effects that it produces for smokers can benefit these individuals to the point of getting them off of the dangerous substance. 

Final Thought

Claims suggest that CBD as a beneficial compound is “addiction-beating,” besides its purported wellness benefits. It takes a smoker away from the harsh nicotine habit to a less harmful one. I have nothing I need to clarify with your product with a psychological effect capable of getting them to quit their cigarette habit.

Studies have shown that it has helped people to beat not only cigarettes but more harmful addictions, including THC prevalent marijuana and narcotics as harsh as heroin. 

No studies have been conclusive or official. If you are having any kind of addiction and you need help to stop, please contact a counsellor immediately to get the help that you need. 

These individuals are there to set you up with the services that will get you off of what’s harming you with the proper treatments, which can include CBD products like those available at Cheefbotanicals. No one needs to suffer alone.

There is always someone to talk to and typically help available. Reach out and get the aid no matter the addiction with which you are dealing.

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