Lifelong learning — 3 ways busy mums can boost their CVs

Driving Instructor

Having children can change your perspective on many subjects — but work and personal development are two of the most common. If you worked prior to your pregnancy, your maternity leave might make you consider changing track before it’s time to return. And if you’ve not worked for a while, motherhood may inspire you to … Read more

Why Us Mums Need To Put Their Health First


If you’re a mum, there’s every chance that you devote a lot of time and effort to making sure your children are happy and healthy. Being a parent involves making sacrifices, but looking after your kids should never mean that your health and wellbeing are on the back-burner. Just as it’s vital to look out … Read more

Mum’s Bringing Home the Bacon: How Family Finances are Changing

Working Mum

Money has always been one of the greatest sources of friction in marriages. How much of it there is, who makes what, and how much they should pull their own weight are all hot-button issues. In nearly half of all modern families today, it is the wife who makes more than the husband. In general, the more … Read more

The essential tools for becoming a mumtrepreneur


Becoming a mother represents a significant shift in the way you think of your time. Before, you were a career woman, an expert time manager, and a problem solver. Now, with the growing family that you have, you may be thinking of combining all of those qualities into one great opportunity — starting your own … Read more