Dreaming of my Autumn/Winter Style Wishlist

Dreaming of my Autumn/Winter Style Wishlist 1

It started with the ankle boots Despite the fact it’s flipping freezing at the moment, I kind of like that you get to layer up your looks to add warmth and style. Autumn/Winter is my favourite time of year for footwear, I LOVE boots! In the past I have pretty much stuck to knee boots but … Read more

6 Perfect Pyjama Sets for a cosy Winter’s night

6 Perfect Pyjama Sets for a cosy Winter's night 2

Despite the fact that Summer is most definitely my favourite season of the year, I do love a good Winter’s evening. Coming home, closing the curtains on the dark night and slipping into a pair of pyjamas to relax on the sofa with warm milky drink, the latest blockbuster film and snuggle up with Hubby. I have … Read more

Promote Winter Wellness and fight flu with Pukka Elderberry


You could pretty much place money on the fact that as the October half term approaches, I will be struck down with a cold which will barely leave me until the Spring. I’ve always been rubbish with colds as I just can’t seem to shake them but this year I have found something to help … Read more

Tis the season to get cosy… Booking.com Survey Results


As we start to feel all festive I thought you might like to read this piece of research which I enjoyed reading . . . Brits go back to basics, with desire for sentimental pastimes and cottage breaks this coming winter  TOP WINTER COTTAGES IN THE UK Orchard Cottage, Penzance Green Hedges, Bath Pathways, Beachwood … Read more

Fireworks Night 2014 – what did Jelly Bean think?


So last night we braved the cold (but thankfully not too wet) evening to take the Beans to watch the fireworks display at the local Rugby Club. It’s the same one that we go to every year because they put on a good display, it’s not too expensive and it’s only just up the road. … Read more

Baby it’s cold outside (but it’s warm under my House of Fraser throw)

Bed throw

I have mixed feelings about Winter, on the one hand I love those days where the sun shines brightly yet low in the sky because it’s gives a beautiful light for taking photographs, I loved to get snuggled up in cosy warm clothes when venturing outside BUT on the other hand, I really don’t like … Read more

Ainsley Harriott’s Winter Warming Soups

Ainsley Harriott’s Winter Warming Soups 3

Whenever I feel poorly, I turn to soup. It’s easy to eat, it’s tasty, nutritious, filling and makes you feel all warm and snuggly. Ainsley Harriott has just launched a new premium range of soups especially for the cold winter months or just when you feel the need. They are so simple to prepare, it … Read more