This is NOT the New Year I ordered?

New Year 2015As I sit typing this post, the house is eerily quiet but for the sound of the tumble drier which is drying off the last round of bedding from our night-time shenanigans. Oh please, get your mind out of the gutter. At 11pm last night just as we were talking of an ‘early night’ (always a curse) we heard coughing through the monitor from the boys room. I looked at the screen to see Jelly Bean lying perfectly still which meant the sound was coming from Beanie Boy, one more cough and we were running up the stairs to find our boy being sick all over himself and his bed. He is always such a ‘composed’ boy when being sick, he doesn’t make a fuss he just gets on with it. Hubby quickly ran him through to the master bathroom where he continued being sick into the toilet with me rubbing his back and stripping off his sicky PJs whilst Hubby stripped off his sicky bedsheets. Hubby generally deals with the sick as I’m the one who is most likely to join them at the sight/sound/smell of it, he is the one with the stronger stomach but I think last night’s tested him as he even began heaving himself.

We got Beanie Boy cleaned up and tucked back up into bed as quickly as possible and then I laid with Beanie Boy for a little while and stroked his hair to soothe him back to sleep but it wasn’t going to happen. He carried on being sick just about every half an hour or so throughout the rest of the night. At around 2am Jelly Bean decided he didn’t want to miss out on the fun so he joined in too.

Hubby was the strong one this time and has continued to look after the boys and me throughout the night so now as the boys have just gone back to bed after a soothing bath, Hubby is trying to catch up on some Z’s too.

Somewhere in amongst it all I did fall asleep and started with a fever myself. I have still not kicked this wretched flu which began before Christmas, some days I’m better than others, last night was NOT a good night. Every bone and joint in my body hurt badly and my sinuses felt like I had been punched in the face. My Mum has been in bed since Boxing Day evening apart from two days at work but has since returned to bed with no signs of improvement and now both my Auntie and Uncle who visited over Christmas are also confined to their beds. I have NEVER known a bug like it. Everyone you speak to has had some form of it and can’t seem to shake it, it’s quite scary really to see how quickly these bugs spread and take hold.

After the ‘excitement’ of our A&E visit yesterday morning I was kind of hoping for a respite in all of this ‘ill health’ and a return to some kind of normality but I shall not be deterred. 2015 may be off to a rocky start but in the words of Yazz, ‘The only way is up’.

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    • Fingers crossed it has now been a little over 4-5 hours since the last vomitting incident so we are hoping it has passed. Definitely planning my own meals carefully for the next couple of days though, some meals just don’t work coming back the other way 🙁

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