• Lake District holiday

    Things to do on a Lake District Cottage break

    One place I have always loved visited both before and after having children is the Lake District. I have always loved being outdoors, exploring nature surrounded by lush greenery and the shimmering waters of the lakes (on a sunny day). The children loved it so much they have been talking about it again recently and […]

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  • Why you should plan a holiday to Kent & Sussex Coast

    Are you like me? Does your holiday not feel like a holiday if you haven’t seen the sea? This is where the beauty of holidays in the UK work really well because we have some of the most beautiful coastlines around the world and with over seven thousand miles to choose from, you have plenty […]

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  • Last minute cottages

    Still looking for last minute cottages?

    If you’re anything like me then you’ll still be looking to book holidays for this Summer even though we are nearly half way through the Summer break already. Every year I have the best intentions about booking holidays but then I get busy doing things and it goes out of my mind until the holidays […]

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  • Christmas

    Tis the season to get cosy… Booking.com Survey Results

    As we start to feel all festive I thought you might like to read this piece of research which I enjoyed reading . . . Brits go back to basics, with desire for sentimental pastimes and cottage breaks this coming winter  TOP WINTER COTTAGES IN THE UK Orchard Cottage, Penzance Green Hedges, Bath Pathways, Beachwood […]

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