Useful Tips for Turning a Nursery into a Toddler Room

There is no better feeling than seeing your tiny bunny grow. She no longer wants to be held. Your little peanut is all over the house, learning to walk and utter words. This can only mean she is ready to move out of the nursery to the toddler’s room. The process can be overwhelming as you try to overhaul the whole space. You will therefore need the following easy-to-do tips to ease your journey.

1. Declutter the Room

Toddler Room

Kids grow fast, and your baby isn’t an exception. Over time, a huge chunk of the toys and stuff they used as babies might seem cluttered in your home, especially the nursery. To turn that nursery into a toddler’s room, you might want to let some things go, but not necessarily entirely because you could be planning to have another baby soon. This is where rented storage space comes in handy!

If you live a few dozen miles from South East Queensland’s shores, you are lucky because self-storage spaces are abundant here. Whatever your storage needs, you can always get space for self storage on the Sunshine Coast tailored to your preferences.  These units come in a vast array of options in different sizes, types, and storage contract lengths. This way, you don’t have to ditch away essential stuff from the nursery when you might need it later.

2. Create a Room for Play and Toy Storage

Now that your toddler is no longer a tiny baby, he or she will own many things, from clothing to toys. You will need some space to store all her belongings in an orderly manner. One great choice is to install some shelves in her bedroom. You can also get a simple cube storage shelf to make it easier for your little one to tidy up once she is done with her toys. Invest in huge baskets and a dual-purpose desk that can act as her dressing table but with a chest of drawers for storage to reduce the clutter.

3. Change the Decor

Useful Tips for Turning a Nursery into a Toddler Room 1

Time flies fast. Your baby was a few months old just the other day; now, she is all over the house learning new things. This can only mean it’s time to redesign her room and upgrade the décor. Start by choosing a theme. It can be clouds, the moon, the jungle theme, or anything related to their spirits… you know your toddler better.

Get a fun impression that will create a certain mood. Use charming wallpaper, and paint one wall to create a calming atmosphere or something. Display some toys and hang some colourful photos on the wall to showcase his or her personality.

4. Switch the Bed

If you want your child to enjoy some good lull, then you need the right bed to make her feel secure and snuggly. Your baby has been using a cot for the last few years. Now that she’s turning 18 months old, it will be a good time to give her a colourful toddler’s bed. Don’t buy a big bed. It will unsettle her and perhaps make her feel nervous.

Instead, a starter bed will be the perfect option for your little kids. It will make the transition enjoyable. Starter beds are low in height, smaller, and have rail installed. This is all meant to enhance your toddler’s safety. You can always replace it as your young one grows.

5. Add Sleep Inducing Elements

Night lamp

At the end of a long play day, your munchkin will be tired and ready for a good night’s rest. You, therefore, need to ensure there are no distractions. You can do this by adding some soothing elements in her room to bring her to sleep easily.  Invest in some dark curtains. This will trigger sleep mode for your child whenever you close the blinds and draw all the curtains at night. If she loves sleeping with her favourite doll, lay the doll’s bed next to hers.

6. Have Book Storage

Toddlers love to learn. Make a little library for him or her. Fill it with beautiful, fun, and colourful children’s books. It will also add in as extra décor. Install a cute little bookshelf for your little peanut, where she will store all her lovely storybooks. This will help her a great deal and encourage early childhood learning. It will also give you ample bonding time as you read the beautiful social emotional stories together.

Transitioning your baby’s bedroom to a toddler’s room can be intimidating. However, if you have a plan in place, it can be an exciting experience. Try the above tips and make the process enjoyable.

Useful Tips for Turning a Nursery into a Toddler Room 2

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