Do you exaggerate about your cultural experiences? You’re not alone . . .

We’ve all been there, having that conversation in the hairdressers or networking. It starts out as a friendly chat about travel, theatre trips and other such cultural experiences but nobody wants to be the ‘dull’ person in the room so a little white lie here and there can’t do any harm can it?

Keeping up with the Jones’?

Recent research has found that more than one in 10 Brits are prone to telling fibs about a place they have never actually visited or show they haven’t seen or a book they haven’t read. With the likes of social media throwing everyone’s experiences in your face at every twist and turn it’s hard to not feel envious of the places that others travel to and the things they see. Before we know it, we are caught up in a little one-upmanship and have travelled to far off places that we have only ever dreamed of visiting.

Been anywhere nice?

At the top of the list of fantasy places that have been ‘visited’ include New York, Australia, New Zealand and Rome. Nice if you get the opportunity hey?! But seriously who wouldn’t want to have visited those places, to travel to such places of splendour, the things that you will see and learn. If only!

Always fancied a Caribbean Cruise?

Cruises are another favoured ‘fib’ with tall tales of Caribbean Cruises and how amazing it was to visit all those different countries without having to unpack their suitcase. Discovering the exotic cultures, cuisines and traditions all in one holiday.

Caribbean Cruises



2 thoughts on “Do you exaggerate about your cultural experiences? You’re not alone . . .”

  1. I had a really well traveled youth so don’t need to exaggerate too much but do tend to exaggerate my memories of these experiences. x

    • Oh wow lucky you, I have visited lots of places in the UK but I didn’t travel abroad until my adult years. I don’t tend to exaggerate because I’ll forget what I have said and get caught out x

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