• Captain Fantastic

    Birthday party ideas for a 10 year old

    It’s that’s time again when I need to get my thinking gear on and start planning Lillie’s 10th birthday party and celebrations with her friends. At 10 years old I have found that we have reached that in-between stage, she isn’t quite the ‘little girl’ anymore but likewise, she is (thankfully) still a way off […]

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  • Project MC2

    Little Bean gets her ‘Geek On’ with Project Mc2

    These days being a bit of a ‘geek’ can actually be considered to be cool, oh how times have changed! Little Bean has been getting her geek on recently with fab new doll McKeyla McAllister from the cool range of Project MC2 dolls by MGA Entertainment. The range of dolls has been created to accompany […]

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  • #kidsinthekitchen

    #kidsinthekitchen activities – Week 2

    So, did you manage to do any of the #kidsinthekitchen activities last week? Here’s the next 5 for this week. Let me know how you get on . . .   This is something that we do quite often as one of our favourite books is called “The Paper Dolls” – read it, it’s lovely!! […]

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  • Bin Weevils Lab’s Slimey Slime Lab 1

    Bin Weevils Lab’s Slimey Slime Lab

    Curly LOVES it whenever we get something ‘experimental’ to review, I think he would make a fantastic ‘mad scientist’, the Curly hair definitely helps don’t you think? At 12 years old I thought that perhaps this would be a little too babyish being a ‘Bin Weevils’ product but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I […]

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  • Christmas Gifts for Children under £20 2

    Christmas Gifts for Children under £20

    Galt Fantastic Foil Art Kit Little Bean and I first saw this kit being demonstrated in a toy store and Little Bean BEGGED me to buy it for her. Unfortunately at the time I had already spent a fortune on her so I suggested she asked asked Santa instead. Anyway, by the power of blogging […]

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