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#kidsinthekitchen activities – Week 2

So, did you manage to do any of the #kidsinthekitchen activities last week? Here’s the next 5 for this week. Let me know how you get on . . .



This is something that we do quite often as one of our favourite books is called “The Paper Dolls” – read it, it’s lovely!!



Oooh I haven’t tried anything like this with the little Beans before, this is something I would definitely do with Curly but perhaps I need to bite the bullet and let the little ones have a go too.


Lol to this one, I do this with Jelly Bean when the others are at school but that’s just a one-man band right? Maybe he needs a few more members in his band.


My cousin and I used to put on plays and dances all the time when we were younger, I think we really believed we were amazing. Perhaps it’s time to let the Beans imagination take centre stage.


All of a sudden Little Bean and Beanie Boy have taken a keen interest in paying for things themselves when we go to the shops. I let them take some of their money from their money boxes at home and they are allowed to buy little things and they feel so grown up when they do. We do have a cash register at home so I know that they would LOVE doing this.

DISCLAIMER: I have been sent all the items and the activity sheets to carry out the activities by Betta Living.
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