Wild Science for Boys – Erupting Volcano


For the past few weeks we have all be helping Curly with his school project Mountains and Volcanoes. He’s not always the easiest child to motivate when it comes to his school projects (like most children I’m sure) but then we were sent a saving grace to help fire up his enthusiasm for the project in the form of this Wild Science for Boys – Erupting Volcano kit from Interplay. I am a big believer in learning through play and this was a fantastic tool to give Curly the boost he needed with his project.

Erupting Volcano Crater Factory

The kit comes with all that you need to make lava bombs and conduct several experiments including different types of lava flows, bubbling mineral springs and colour morphing pools and the instruction booklet is packed with information about volcanoes which Curly has been able to use towards his school project.

So far we have only had time to make lava bombs and perform the two different types of lava flow but we will definitely be carrying out the rest of the experiments soon, Curly isn’t going to let me forget about them too easily!

To keep the video to a viewable length without you nodding off to sleep we have cut out the making of the actual lava bombs and gone straight to the exciting bit, the lava flow!

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