Top Secrets to a Healthy Sex Life: Motherhood Edition

Having a baby is one of the most exciting, enjoyable and important stages in a woman’s life. But very often, after giving birth, her libido decreases. Read our top tips for healthy sex and how to make it enjoyable for both partners.

Top Secrets to a Healthy Sex Life: Motherhood Edition 1
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How to Have a Healthy Sex After Giving Birth?

Giving birth is one of the most memorable days for parents. However, this event can lead to problems in healthy relationships as sex life is not a woman’s top priority anymore. 4-6 weeks after giving birth, a woman can have healthy sex again as, by this time, the placenta attachment has healed, and the uterus and vagina have returned to their previous sizes. But a woman’s attention is focused only on a baby, which leads to a misunderstanding with a partner and stress. Suppose you are only looking for a partner, head over to the best dating sites 2021 to find your true love. But if you have recently given birth and not sure how to maintain healthy sex, see our top tips on how to rekindle the flame in your romantic relationship and to bring your sex life to the next level.

Create the Right Atmosphere

Even though your libido might decrease after giving birth, and you might start wondering if sex is still healthy in your marriage, you should try to create a healthy romantic atmosphere for your partner to get in the mood. If your baby sleeps next to you at night surrounded by dirty diapers, you probably will not be in the mood to kiss your husband, let alone have healthy sex. While it is hard to create a romantic atmosphere every day as you get tired and sometimes annoyed, remember that you are a mum and a woman who needs healthy sex and a bond with her partner.

Of course, every woman will have different needs when it comes to the frequency of healthy sex. Some will need it just once a month, while others will want intimacy multiple times a day. But how healthy is sex every day after having a baby? As long as you feel fine after giving birth, everyday sex is outstanding and healthy.

What does healthy sex look like after you had a baby? Sex can be healthy only when two partners enjoy and want it. If you are in pain or feel unwell, you should abstain from sex and see a doctor. If you feel healthy, but your sexual desire is gone, try to add variety to your sex life. Buy candles, beautiful lingerie and a bottle of his favourite wine. Turn up the spice with this exciting advent calendar and surprise your partner with Original and Adventure Version adult toys. If possible, ask your parents to look after your child or hire a nanny to escape the routine.

If you have the opportunity to hire a nanny, do it. And forget about mom’s guilt. You now have two roles — a mother and a wife, and you should allow yourself to think only of your partner’s and your own pleasure and to have healthy sex. After the child’s birth, it is important for the newly-made dad and mom to feel like parents and as spouses. Their common interests cannot and should not be limited to raising offspring.

Ask for Help

One of the main reasons sex stops being healthy after a baby is born is that a woman is so exhausted from doing chores that she cannot even think about romance, and sex stops being healthy. So asking for help is one of the most important healthy sex habits for couples. You and your partner are equally responsible for your child, and it is unfair and not healthy if only a woman does all the work as it takes two to tango. To feel desired and have healthy sex, you need to rest more, and there is nothing wrong with asking for help when it comes to looking after your baby. If you both dedicate an equal amount of time to your child, you will have more time to spend with each other and enjoy healthy and passionate sex.

Certain health-related issues can also lead to sexual problems in relationships. If you’re having trouble with pain or discomfort during sex, it’s advisable to see a doctor. This condition might be the result of pelvic problems that can be addressed with vaginal dilation treatment using a silicone vaginal dilator.

Do Not Be Ashamed Of Your Body

A woman’s body deals with a lot of stress during pregnancy and giving birth. You might get stretch marks, and your skin will not be as elastic. Many women tend to get depressed over their looks after they had a baby, and it is essential to learn to accept your body to have healthy sex. While you are on your way to the pre-pregnancy shape, you can still feel desired and sexy. If you considered yourself good-looking, so will your husband, and it will rekindle the flame and improve your relationship and sex.


Even though your baby, in the beginning, will have all your attention, you should not forget about your role as a wife. It would help if you learned to communicate with your partner to see his needs and desires. It is entirely possible to have healthy sex even when you have a baby to create the right romantic atmosphere for your partner and feel confident. It is natural to get stressed and have no sexual desire after giving birth. If you feel insecure about your body, focus on good points, get daily exercise and eat healthily. If you follow a healthy lifestyle, your libido will quickly return, and your sex will be even better than before pregnancy.

Follow these healthy sex habits for couples, and your relationship will thrive. What tips can you give for a healthy sex life for moms? Have you ever had any problems with your libido and sex after giving birth? Please, share in the comments below.

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