• MAGIX Movie Edit Pro 2014 Giveaway

    Whether you want to record those precious moments with the children, the pets, a fun day out or the latest stunt trick with your friends, you’re bound to need to edit your videos at some point. I must have about 2000 video clips which I have collected over the last 9 years or so and […]

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  • We love our #familyfilmnight 3

    We love our #familyfilmnight

    For some time now my friend Karin has been enjoying a #familyfilmnight on a regular basis with her family, I kept telling Hubby about it and said that we should do something similar with our children. I think it’s nice to have a tradition, something for the family to look forward to and so eventually […]

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  • Don’t let the snow spoil your fun! 4

    Don’t let the snow spoil your fun!

    Some people really don’t like the snow and prefer to stay at home in the warm but depending on how long the snow lasts that can bring about it’s own problems. I hate being confined to the house for too long, I get ‘cabin fever’, I can’t bear to sit and watch daytime TV, I […]

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