Little Bean at 9 years old

Little Bean is my first born, the only little lady in our family. When I found out I was pregnant I secretly hoped that our first baby would be a little girl but we decided we wouldn’t find out until the birth. At that moment when we discovered that our beautiful newborn was a little girl, we both cried.

Nobody can explain to you that amazing feeling when you hold your baby for the first time but even 9 years on, I still think of it often (not just birthdays). I’m quite a soppy soul, very sentimental, so I have pictures, trinkets and reminders all around me to trigger happy memories. Even with all that around me, it’s hard to believe that our little girl turned 9 years old today.

Little BeanAt 9 years old Little Bean still loves her dolls, her Our Generation Doll goes everywhere with her and she has suddenly rediscovered her Bratz dolls. Barbie seems to be a doll of the past for the time being but I’m sure that will change. Little Bean is currently obsessed with Unicorns so I spent last night and this morning making her a Unicorn cake, you’ll have to check out Instagram to see how I got on with it later today.

We have our ups and downs with Little Bean, she and I are very similar so we clash from time to time but when we get on, we really get on and I feel proud that she will confide in me about things that are happening in her life. We have already had the broken heart of a failed first love, that came a lot sooner than I was expecting but we got through it together and she has emerged stronger with a smile on her face and happy memories in her heart.

Little Bean reminds me very much of myself at school, she is friends with everyone but only has a few very close friends. Over the weekend she celebrated her birthday with her closest friend who came over for a playdate before we went over to Bounce Trampoline Park and to McDonald’s for tea. Later we returned home for the girls to snuggle up and watch Moana before bedtime. They had a lovely time together without a single cross word, it was heartwarming to see how close their friendship has grown.

This morning Little Bean opened her presents from us and a few family/friends presents which have been dropped off already and this evening we will be celebrating with family. Little Bean was very excited to go to school to see her friends and take sweets for everyone so I’m sure she will have the great day that she truly deserves.

Happy 9th Birthday little lady, we love you to the moon and back xxxxx


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