Here comes the sun . . . again!

Oh, I do love the sunshine, doesn’t it just make you feel alive, energised and motivated to get on and do . . . something?! I don’t know what but today I feel like I need to be ‘doing’, mind you that said I’m never one to just sit around and do nothing, I always think of myself as a bit of a busy fool. I’m always rushing around doing something and then moaning that I never get an opportunity to relax and do nothing, yes I am my own worst enemy.

Mummy Matters

With the sun shining today I actually sat out in the garden this morning to eat my breakfast whilst trying to fend off Beanie Boy (he always has to share my meals and it drives me potty).

Once ‘we’ had finished ‘my’ breakfast, Beanie Boy ran off under the playhouse (it’s on stilts) with a little giggle and returned with the football, we had a mad half an hour running around the garden like lunatics kicking the football backwards and forwards, falling over, tickling and going up and down the slide.

He’s sleeping at the moment, worn out from all that fun in the sun but I know that he will be awake again soon wanting to do it all over again and do you know what, I can’t wait! Here comes the sun, let’s hope it’s here to stay now.

What do you want to do when the sun comes out?

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