Eric discovers the ‘real’ Easter Island (in my lounge)

We’ve been having some chocolatey fun that didn’t involve eating it (well not straight away, that part came later) with the help of these fun Melt & Make Chocolate Egg Heads kits from Stay In Cornwall.


The Beans thought it was great fun to make their own Easter Eggs although I must admit I was a little reluctant to begin with, I could just picture the mess and chaos that we were about to embark upon.

I needn’t have worried, it was so simple. The kit contains a set of chocolate egg moulds, a pack of melting chocolate buttons, a pack of sweets to make the faces, a fun chefs hat and an instruction card. So as per the instructions we ‘polished’ the Egg moulds with pieces of kitchen towel and then applied a light oil coating to the moulds to help the eggs to pop out easily and to give the chocolate a nice sheen. We popped all the chocolate buttons into a microwaveable bowl and heated it a little at a time stirring occasionally until the chocolate was melted. Then using a silicone brush we applied thin layers of chocolate to the moulds, allowing it time to harden between coats face down on a baking tray covered with a sheet of baking paper. This allowed the chocolate to run down the sides of the egg rather than it pooling in the bottom of the moulds. In the end we applied 3-4 layers of chocolate until we were happy with the thickness and had used the majority of the melted chocolate. With a sharp knife we had to tidy up the edges of the Eggs to give a neat finish to seal them with a little more melted chocolate.


Finally the bit the Beans were waiting for . . . making the faces of the Egg Heads using the Jelly Sweets, sticking them on with a little dot of melted chocolate on the back of each sweet. They were a little gutted that there was only the exact amount of sweets to make a perfect face but I did remind them about all the sweets/chocolate they had received for Easter.

Curly suggested that since it was Easter and these were Easter Eggs we should line our Eggs up to look like Easter Island, then Little Bean and Beanie Boy decided that their ‘safari man’ Eric should ‘discover’ Easter Island. So with a little help from their playset, a few borrowed stones from a neighbours garden (with permission) and a blue fleece blanket, our scene was set and I have to say our Team effort looks pretty cool to me.

As for eating the eggs, well I’m sure you can imagine it took a LOT LESS time to eat them, than it did to create them but that’s the really fun part and it helps that the chocolate tasted delicious too.

Thinking about visiting Cornwall?

It’s a few years now since we last visited Cornwall but it’s somewhere that we are definitely planning on getting back to in the not-too-distant future. When Curly and Little Bean were much younger we enjoyed a camping holiday in Cornwall. Whilst there we visited the Eden Project and Curly still remembers it now, he remembers the zip wire, I remember the sub-tropical heat of the bio-domes and some of the gigantic plants growing there.

Cornwall is ‘our kind of place’ as readers of Mummy Matters will know, Hubby and I are big Campervan fans, we love all things ‘surf style’ and the relaxed way of life. Hubby is originally from Brighton and I am moved inland from Skegness so we are both drawn to the coast. There’s something about walking on the sand with bare feet, letting the water wash over your feet, listening to the waves lapping the shore and the fresh feeling of a sea breeze.

There are so many beautiful places to visit in Cornwall whether you want quiet and tranquil, sporty or family fun you can be sure to find something for everyone. To find out more why not check out Stay In Cornwall’s Inspiration pages, you won’t be sorry that you did.

DISCLAIMER: We were sent the Melt & Make Chocolate Kits for the purpose of this post. All words, images and opinions are my own and may not be copied without my permission. I have not been instructed what to write.


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