• is tap water safe

    Is the Tap Water in Your House Safe For Your Baby?

    Drinking tap water daily may be safe for a healthy, robust adult. Nevertheless, current state standards should focus more on the tap water contaminants that are harmful to babies when exposure occurs during their critical developmental stages. Are you giving your newborn tap water? Considering tap water may contain lead, nitrates, pesticides and herbicides, hormones, […]

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  • Busy Mum

    Pampering tips for busy mums

    As a mum, it doesn’t matter if you just have the one child or you have three or four, free time for yourself is going to be few and far between. All the time you used to spend on yourself is now spent either changing nappies, taking your child here there and everywhere or helping with homework. […]

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  • Puddles

    You can’t take your eyes off them for one minute!

    They always say the time to be worried about your children is that moment when they go quiet. Nothing could be more true than with Jelly Bean, most of the time he makes lots of noise, singing, shouting and babbling or generally banging his toys on the floor/furniture or a siblings head. When he went […]

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  • Sky

    Let the summertime begin!

    We are really liking these new warmer weather spells we’re getting, it just makes you feel better, brighter and more inclined to get outside and enjoy it. As a family we are always on the go, apart from our #familyfilmnight once a week we rarely just chill out together, we are always ‘going’ somewhere to […]

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  • What on earth is Rooibos? 1

    What on earth is Rooibos?

    I’m a lifelong tea drinker, I started then soon enough I was on 6 or more cups a day. What I didn’t realise until recently, was how boring it is to just drink regular tea! A friend of mine is very ethical and healthy and right-on, and I offered her a cup of tea, but […]

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  • The Gallery: Water

    Its been a while since I have taken part in The Gallery. Not because I haven’t wanted to, I have seen the themes and thought “yeah I’ve got one for that” and then promptly forgotten all about it until the posts start showing and then I decide I’m too late. So this week I’m preparing […]

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