• When feeding doesn’t go as planned . . . 2

    When feeding doesn’t go as planned . . .

    I have heard it enough times, every child is different but sometimes you just kind of ‘forget’. Before Jelly Bean arrived I assumed that I would breastfeed him as I did with Little Bean and Beanie Boy but things haven’t quite gone to plan. I had a few breastfeeding issues with Little Bean when she […]

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  • 036/365-2013 – Transitional Care/Coming Home 3

    036/365-2013 – Transitional Care/Coming Home

    I woke up this morning feeling much more human than yesterday. We had a really good night, near perfect in fact. Jelly Bean woke up every 3 hours for a feed like clockwork and because I wasn’t expressing I was able to get straight off to sleep as soon as he had finished feeding which […]

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  • 035/365-2013 – Transitional Care Day 2 4

    035/365-2013 – Transitional Care Day 2

    Our first night back in hospital was beyond tough, I had been told to set an alarm to feed him expressed breast milk every 3 hours throughout the night. What this meant was giving him the bottle, winding him, then expressing milk ready for the next feed. Sounds quite simple really but in reality, he […]

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  • 034/365-2013 – Transitional Care 5

    034/365-2013 – Transitional Care

    After coming home from hospital on the Friday things hadn’t been going so well with Jelly Bean. Labour had been really quick (more about that in a post to come) and as a result he was full of mucus. Despite having skin to skin contact immediately and trying to get him to nurse he wasn’t […]

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  • Week 10

    I feel poorly! I’ve got all this gunky stuff in my nose again and it makes it really hard to breathe and even harder to have my milk with Mummy. Sometimes it makes me cough and then I’m sick, usually all over Mummy (which is pretty funny so I laugh – Mummy doesn’t). This week […]

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  • Week 9

    Mummy keeps telling me I’m a cheeky chappy because when she talks to me I can’t help but laugh at her. It’s really nice actually because if I laugh at her, she laughs back even more and it goes on like that for a while until one of us can’t be bothered to do it […]

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  • Breastfeeding Diary

    babble.com After breastfeeding my daughter Little Bean for 6 months and now breastfeeding my son Beanie Boy (5 days old) I have decided to create a “diary style” page about the first few weeks of breastfeeding as I had forgotten how difficult those first few weeks can be. I’m hoping that my Breastfeeding Page might […]

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