Week 10

I feel poorly! I’ve got all this gunky stuff in my nose again and it makes it really hard to breathe and even harder to have my milk with Mummy. Sometimes it makes me cough and then I’m sick, usually all over Mummy (which is pretty funny so I laugh – Mummy doesn’t).
This week I’ve found a new playmate, he’s pretty cool and very good looking. He’s obviously very clever too because he can do everything that I do, at exactly the same time as I do, which is really funny. He always makes me laugh when I see him. Sometimes he’s on my playmat when I’m there and the other times he’s upstairs in the bathroom. Do you know what else is cool about him, his Mummy looks just like my Mummy so she must be great too!
I’ve also found some new playthings this week – Mummy says they are my ‘hands’ and ‘feet’ – ok Mummy if you say so, who am I to argue. They’re fascinating, they fly around all over the place and sometimes my hands smacks me in the face, which makes me jump! I keep a close eye on them but they do it when I least expect it – sneaky little rascals!

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