036/365-2013 – Transitional Care/Coming Home

Transitional Care

I woke up this morning feeling much more human than yesterday. We had a really good night, near perfect in fact. Jelly Bean woke up every 3 hours for a feed like clockwork and because I wasn’t expressing I was able to get straight off to sleep as soon as he had finished feeding which meant I was getting a good two hours sleep between each feed.

Since I had slept better I wasn’t feeling so tired today and so I didn’t feel the need to sleep when he did so instead I just laid in my bed watching Jelly Bean sleep. I wanted to make the most of this time alone just me and my baby before we returned home to the chaos of family life. I held him in my arms and snuggled with him, I laid him in his crib and felt my heart explode with love for this tiny little person who had been growing in my tummy for the last 9 months. Being a Mummy is just magical and I will never take this for granted.

I actually woke up feeling confident about breastfeeding this morning too. Each feed had gone quite well, I wasn’t getting him latched on perfectly first time, every time but when we didn’t get the latch right I would take him off and start again. The Paediatric Consultant came to see me and asked if our night had gone any better. He still hadn’t received all of the results back from Jelly Bean’s blood tests but from the results that he had received so far he was happy that Jelly Bean wouldn’t need further treatment. I asked if that meant that we could go home and was surprised when he said that it was completely up to me. I assumed that we would be told to go home so they could have the bed back but he said that he really wanted me to feel confident with feeding and that I could stay there until we felt we had nailed it. I said that I would like to have a couple more sessions with the Breastfeeding Consultant before making that decision and he said this was fine. So two good feeds later I asked if we could be discharged and within an hour Hubby and Beanie Boy were there to collect me and we were able to surprise Little Bean by collecting her from school. When she saw me she acted like she had only seen me 10 minutes earlier but as she spotted Hubby in the car she ran to him like she hadn’t seen him in 4 weeks – don’t you just love kids!

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