• Silentnight Pet Bed

    Review: Ultrabounce Silentnight Pet Bed

    When we brought our puppy, Dobby, home before Christmas we had already set up his crate next to Brambles in the kitchen with a small bed and blanket.  I wanted something big enough for him to sleep on but small enough to leave space in the crate for a puppy pad in case of accidents. […]

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  • Scruffs Chester Box Dog Bed

    Bramble’s Favourite Dog Bed by Scruffs

    A dog bed might not be a dog’s best friend but it comes in a close second behind man! Bramble makes his feelings quite clear when he is no longer happy with his bed, he will scratch, kick and pull his bed around followed by an audible huff. You can almost hear him mutter “I […]

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  • Cute puppies

    Choosing the right dog breed for you and your family

    So you have finally made the decision to bring a four-legged friend of the canine variety into your home but how do you know which dog breed is right for you? It’s not just as simple as choosing the cutest puppy, choosing a dog needs to be taken seriously with lots of consideration before you […]

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  • Scruffs Cool Mat

    Bramble’s cool with Scruffs Cool Mat

    You may recall when I first introduced you to Bramble that I had a nickname for him, Tim nice-but-dim? Well, the name has stuck because he hasn’t become any more intelligent since he has settled into home life. He is a lovely boy though and we love him dearly so I guess we wouldn’t have […]

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