Bramble loves Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult Food [AD-GIFTED]

Introducing a dog to the family brings a whole new dimension to family life. A dog can be the one that you turn to when you need comfort when you want someone to talk to without them interrupting. They can be used to help those who need therapy, in short, they are a very important part of family life so it stands to reason that we need to give them the very best care we can.

Nutritionally Balanced Pet Food

Bramble loves Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Food [AD-GIFTED] 1

Finding the right food is ultra important for man’s best friend. Bramble has recently switched (gradually) to Hill’s Science Plan Canine Adult Medium Chicken and it’s been a hit. Bramble is very picky about what he does and doesn’t like. When we first brought him home he wouldn’t eat ‘treats’ and it took us a lot of trial and error to find foods that he would accept. So when he eats food now, we know he is doing so because he likes it. We have even had to buy him a ‘slow feeder’ bowl to encourage him to take his time eating, otherwise, he tends to gobble it up and can easily make himself sick.

Why should you choose Hill’s for your dog?

Bramble loves Hill's Science Plan Canine Adult Food [AD-GIFTED] 2

Hill’s Science Plan canine food’s key benefits are:

  • specially formulated to support lean muscle growth using high-quality proteins
  • healthy vital organs are sustained with balanced sodium and phosphorus levels.
  • It contains clinically proven antioxidants, lean proteins and omega 3’s.
  • an easily digestible formula provides optimal nutrient absorption.
  • the recipe uses high-quality ingredients making it super tasty for your dog

Choose the right food for your pet’s age

When choosing food for your dog, it is important to choose food for their specific time in life. An adult recipe is recommended for dogs between 1 and 7 years to support the needs of their body. Puppies need a higher quantity of protein in their diet to support the rate at which they grow in their first year. From 7 years onwards you need to be looking at Senior food which is lower in calories, has higher fibre content as well as balanced protein and fat.

Scientifically Formulated

Hill's Science Plan Canine Food

It takes a lot of planning and research to create food which not only tastes good but provides everything that your dog needs which is why Hill’s employs 220 veterinarians PhD. nutritionists and food scientists to come up with new recipes and improve on existing ones. They do all the hard work so that you get to enjoy the fun stuff with your fur babies.

What did we think?

Hill's Science Plan Canine Food

Short of trying the food ourselves, which I can assure you, won’t be happening, the food looks moist and smells full of flavour. I love that the bags have an easy close ‘velcro’ fastening. I never have been any good with the zip lock bags on dog food so this is perfect. The proof, as the saying goes, is in the pudding and what we will say is that Bramble is looking great, his fur is super shiny, his teeth look clean (and he doesn’t have bad breath) and he is full of energy. What more could we ask for?

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  1. That’s really interesting that you should buy food based on your dog’s age! I’ve never owned a dog, but one of my best friend’s does so I’ll recommend this 🙂

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