• Playmobil

    What to buy for children under 3 years?

    When you don’t have children yourself or you don’t see young family members regularly it can be difficult to know what to buy for the little people so I’m putting together a quick gift guide with suggestions for what to buy for children under 3 years. Playmobil 123 Range The choices are endless when it […]

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  • Playmobil Pirates

    Making the Beans’ day with PLAYMOBIL Pirates

    The Beans are loving being Playmobil Playologists for the second year running and our second surprise box was a definite winner for all three. We are nearly two weeks on from when they first opened the Playmobil Pirates and it is still being played with daily. He won’t appreciate me telling you this but our soon-to-be 15 […]

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  • Playmobil fire

    Playmobil Fire Chief’s Car with Light and Sound #PlaymobilPlayologist

    During the Summer holidays I received a very exciting email asking if I would like to be a #PlaymobilPlayologist for the second year running and naturally, the Beans were delighted! Towards the end of my first year as a #PlaymobilPlayologist I was invited down to London for the day with the famiy for a very special event being held at Soho Fire […]

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