Protect Your Family Online With a VPN

Protect your family online

Have you ever heard of a VPN (Virtual Private Network)? They’ve become increasingly popular in recent years, but so many people still aren’t using them or taking advantage of some of the benefits they have to offer.  Simply put, a VPN allows you to browse the web privately and securely. It puts you at less … Read more

How can you monitor kids’ activities online with Familytime parental control app?

Little girl at computer with parent

A parental control app is so important nowadays, with the number of children’s devices at home and school. It seems increasingly challenging to monitor their activities online. The ideal would be to accompany them when they use the internet, whether they research school work, play online with their friends, watch videos, or download music. But, … Read more

Parental Monitoring App

XNSPY Monitoring App

In a world where our children’s heads are ducked into their smartphones, it does not make them protected even if they are under the same roof as you. Their smartphones are a window to the outside world, so to get in trouble, they don’t have to be physically outside anymore. Even if you are around … Read more

Top tips for parents and children to work together to stay safe online

Matt Haworth and Sara Rowbotham

Online safety for children and young people is more pertinent than ever and is increasingly becoming a minefield for parents and guardians. A former sexual health worker, who exposed the Rochdale child-abuse scandal, has teamed up with a tech expert, to offer top tips for parents to collaborate with children, to enjoy the online experience … Read more

Monitoring Guide for Parents: Talking to Your Child About Online Monitoring

Bored? Here Are Four Games to Kill Time!

Time for the talk- the tech talk Internet and mobile phone monitoring is a tricky topic to address as a parent. Technically speaking, you are well within your rights to not only worry but also take precautions to keep your children safe online. The best part is that you are not alone in your sleuth-inducing … Read more

How to Manage Your Children’s Use of Tech and the Internet

Kids online safety

How your children use the internet and engage with technology is something that you will have to manage and think carefully about as a parent. No parent wants their child to be exposed to things that are not suitable for them, and no parent wants their child to become too reliant on technology at the … Read more

3 Internet Safety Tips to Share with Your Kids


It is no secret that children are curious. Even as infants, they tend to act on instincts of curiosity when exploring new things. In the spirit of discovery, interest doesn’t end there. As children grow into pre-teens and teenagers, they’re more exposed to an abundance of unfiltered technology that can act as a new world … Read more