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So, Christmas is only a few days away and soon pretty soon we’ll all be working on a nearly impossible list of New Year’s resolutions.

After all the eating taking place throughout the Christmas, we can only imagine that “getting healthy” or “shedding a few pounds” will make the final cut.

So, what better than to share a few fitness tips; reasonable ones that is, that we can all work towards without feeling like we are overreaching when it comes to actually crossing things off that list.

Getting healthy or losing weight does not have to be difficult or even too demanding. The key is to set targets that you can actually accomplish, and this will end up motivating you to push farther.

The first step, as we all know, is to get active. You don’t have to get a gym membership if you don’t feel as though you are ready for this kind of commitment. There are a lot of alternative exercise ideas that you can do in and around your home, or around your neighbourhood to get into shape.

You can start by getting an easy workout DVD and a set of dumbbells from, alongside some breathable leggings and sports bras from Start with an easy goal like exercising 3 times per week – which is essentially every second day. Additionally, try to factor in some cardio exercise like walking at a faster pace at your local park once the weather allows for it.

Second thing to do is to start eating a varied diet of fruits and vegetables, and also substitute all your liquid consumption to only drinking still water. If you are thirsty; drink water – not a bottle of Coca Cola!

Another great tip is to upgrade your dinner ware, or rather downsize it to smaller plates. That way, you will have effectively decreased the amount of food you can fit onto your plate and if you stick to only eating that one serving, it could shave off a few hundred calories from your daily consumption. If you normally have a big appetite in between meals or at dinner time, then it might be useful to drink a glass of carbonated water 10-15 minutes before you eat.

If you are ready to take your fitness regimen up a notch, but can’t stand the gym or find it a bit boring – why not try to mix things up a bit? Being in the gym and exercising with other people helps to motivate us to get even fitter, but it is far from the only way to get into shape.

The key is to find an activity that appeal to your personality which doesn’t even seem like exercise and start doing it. If your workplace is already signed up the cycle scheme, then why not start pedalling it in to work? Or if you want to learn to do the Salsa like the contestants on Strictly Come Dancing, you should get out of your shell and go for it.

Most of the students in the class will have just as little clue as you will during the starting phase, so if you do make a fool of yourself, then trust that they all will at some point.

It essentially does not matter what type of exercise you decide on, as long as you are enjoying it. All you have to do to make a change in 2013 is to start with as little as 30 minutes of exercise three times per week, eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of fluids.

Good Luck!

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