What Method is More Effective for Pigeon Birth Control?

Pigeons are becoming significant problems for most of the world’s cities and other industrial, agricultural, and commercial sites. The pigeons pose a danger to the infrastructure and the monuments. The pigeon’s droppings have a high amount of uric acid in them, and the uric acid has corrosive properties. The pigeons are also a problem because they transmit more than fifty diseases to humans, and pigeons also carry bird mites. The pigeons’ droppings attract the rats, mites, bugs, ticks, cockroaches that further spread the diseases to humans.

What Method is More Effective for Pigeon Birth Control?
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Many pigeon repellents and deterrent techniques are used to control pigeon problems. Such as using effigies, sonic and ultrasonic emitters, spikes, metal roof guards, ultraviolet light reflectors, gel, optical gel and pastes, and predators and birth control.  Some of these techniques are effective, and some are not. But the experience and the research show that the most effective pigeon control strategy is birth control. It is always better to nip the problem in the bud than waiting for the problem to arise and then finding a solution for it. If you face pigeon problems and want to deter them, Ovo Control’s pigeon control program is a perfect solution for you. 

What is the pigeon birth control Program?

The pigeon birth control program is to control pigeon reproduction. The pigeons are monogamous, and the pair has at least 400 offspring within two years. As the pigeons like to stay at their birthplace and do not migrate, imagine the pigeon’s population in an area after two or three years, and the number keeps on increasing year after year. 

Pigeon birth control is the only long-term solution to the pigeon problem. Many people think that increasing the mortality rate of pigeons is a permanent solution, but they are wrong; they provide temporary relief. Such people are ignoring the number of offsprings that are produced in a year. Secondly, killing the pigeons either by poisoning them or through predators is very cruel. 

The birth control program is a humane method because it does not cause any physical injury to the pigeons. Some contraceptives are added to the food of the pigeons. When pigeons eat that food, the contraceptive does not let the egg fertilise, and when the pigeons lay down the unfertilised egg, it does not hatch a brood. 

An effective method for pigeon birth control:

What Method is More Effective for Pigeon Birth Control?
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OvoControl’s pigeon birth control method is the most effective one. It is proved by many pieces of research and the customers of Ovo Control. The Animal Welfare Institute has endorsed that the Ovocontrol birth control program is an effective and safe method. A study published in the Journal of Zoo and Wildlife Medicine also said that the contraceptive used in OvoControl’s pigeon birth control method is very useful. 

How does OvoControl’s pigeon birth control method work?

For pigeon birth control, the OvoControl method is to feed the contraceptive to the pigeons. The OvoControl contraceptive contains a compound called nicarbazin. This compound is used to prevent intestinal diseases in chicken for more than 60 years.  It is an oral contraceptive and is very useful. 

The nicarbazin is mixed with the pigeon’s bait, mostly to the bread pallets, and fed to the pigeons. When the nicarbazin compound is ingested,  it gets mixed within the blood of the pigeons. When the level of this component in the blood reaches a certain level, the nicarbazin compound deposits in the site of sperm receptors, and it compromises egg fertilisation. When the pigeon’s unfertilised egg is laid by the pigeon, it does not hatch to give offspring, which is how the pigeon population is controlled. 

This birth control method is useful because it is not like the birth control method of women. Women have to take contraceptives daily, and they cannot miss a day, but for pigeons taking contraceptives every day is not a must. If their blood level has reached a certain level, then the pigeons can miss a day. 

Birth control is humane:

The birth control method is a humane method to control the pigeon problem. It does not cause any physical harm to the pigeons. The pigeons do lay eggs, but the contraceptives do not let them hatch. It is not unnatural when the eggs do not hatch, so the birth control method is humane. 

Places that will benefit more from the pigeon birth control program:

What Method is More Effective for Pigeon Birth Control?
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Almost every place with pigeon problems and wants a permanent and long-lasting solution for this nuisance needs to put the pigeon control program in place. The pigeon birth control program is an effective pigeon control strategy for households and more extensive facilities. The larger facilities that can benefit from the pigeon birth control program are manufacturing facilities, agriculture sites, power plants, hospitals and medical centres,  mining, railroads, warehouses, oil refineries, shopping malls, restaurants, colleges and universities, casinos, hotels. Some production units also need pigeon birth control, such as foundries, food production units, steel mills, chemical plants, glass manufacturing units, etc. 

Erick Wolf (bio), the innovator of OvoControl®, is working on an article that introduces the concept of wildlife contraception.

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