Is It Important To Celebrate Childhood Milestones

If you’re a parent of newborns or toddlers, you may feel as though you’re in the thick of it when it comes to keeping track of all your childrens’ developmental milestones. At this tender age, there are a lot of them! But don’t let the sheer number of milestones hold you back from capturing each and everyone and setting a precedent that will hopefully inspire your children and potentially even their children too!

Here are a few more benefits to celebrating each and every childhood milestone.

Capturing rare moments

 Is It Important To Celebrate Childhood Milestones

If you start documenting your child’s milestones from the get-go with a newborn baby photographer, you’ll be more likely to capture moments that may otherwise go forgotten or maybe even totally unnoticed! Experienced newborn photographers can tell you all about those ‘in between’ moments that occur as a baby adjusts from life in the womb to life in the great, big world. Aim to capture your baby’s first yawn, the first time they open their eyes, their first dainty smile, and even your milestones as parents, like your baby’s first swaddle or your first time providing skin-to-skin contact. These little firsts aren’t just of great importance to you, but they can also be a superb reference point for your children by the time that they become parents too.

Sharing the celebration with friends and family

There’s something extraordinary about being able to document every single important milestone in your child’s life. Not only will it ensure that their life stays long and rich, filled with many warm memories, but you’re also providing your children with the opportunity to develop great connections with their friends and wider family through the sharing of those moments and the celebrations that come along with them. 

For instance, celebrating birthday parties isn’t just about adding another candle to every cake or giving much-anticipated gifts. Birthday parties and other celebrations are important social occasions in your child’s life. The connections and memories that they make within and around these social events can play a great role in your child, maintaining these social ties later in life. Fond memories are the foundation of strong interpersonal relationships.

Making multi-generational memories

A recent trend that’s arisen over the past decade is families recreating old photographs together. You may have seen some of these fun little snapshots. Picture three children clinging onto their father as they did ten years ago, the youngest now a twenty-year-old with his long legs wrapped firmly around his silver-haired dad’s knee. These recreated images become just as much a memory in your family history as the original one did. Why? Over time, that same recreated image may be recreated yet again, only this time with your children’s children. These traditions provide your family tree with tangible links and are likely to result in your children’s strong understanding and appreciation for their own roots.


Nowadays, it’s so easy to pull your phone out and snap a quick photo that we can let important milestones go by with little ceremony. On the one hand, the convenience of this can be considered an absolute benefit. Life moves so quickly; sometimes, we may not have the time to do these moments, justice. On the other hand, life moving quickly is why we can’t afford to let these precious milestones pass us by. As parents, it is our duty to keep the perspective that every milestone is indeed a celebration and is worthy of a place in your family albums!

Is It Important To Celebrate Childhood Milestones 1

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