The Benefits of Music for Children

Music plays a vital part in your child’s development. It enhances concentration, develops listening skills and allows them to be creative. This will benefit your child academically in all areas of the Curriculum. Music can also help to relieve stress and support your child’s mental health.

The Benefits of Music for Children
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To help you learn more, I have teamed up with an independent girl’s school in London to put together a list of benefits associated with music…


Music is a fantastic way to improve your child’s memory. In fact, studies have shown that music can help to enhance many cognitive abilities. When playing an instrument, a child must read music, listen to music, remember melodies and then repeat them.


Playing a musical instrument can help to improve a child’s coordination and motor skills. The piano is an excellent example of this. When playing the piano, a child needs to use both hands to play different keys, read music and press the foot pedal all at the same time!


The Benefits of Music for Children

Learning music at school or as an extra-curricular activity provides many levels of learning and accomplishments. These levels can be enormously motivational and confidence-boosting for children, especially if they plan to study music or perform on stage.


Music is great for children’s mental health because it can be used to relax and de-stress. Playing an instrument can also have a calming effect on children because they need to focus on timing and notes. This focus allows children to take a break from any daily stresses or worries they may have.


Children who learn how to play a musical instrument at an early age will have an advantage should they wish to professionally move into the music industry. The practice and dedication required to learn an instrument will teach them how to reach their goals throughout life through hard work and perseverance.

The Benefits of Music for Children 1

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