Explore the Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Using Double Glazed Windows

Double glazed windows refer to two layers of glass compressed or sandwiched between layers of vacuumed gas. The layers are then sealed all together in an air-tight manner. Double-glazed windowpanes are highly durable and sturdy. These panes provide twice the amount of insulation as compared to the single-glazed units.

Helping You Understand the Advantages and Dis-Advantages of Using Double-Glazed Panes:


Double glazed panes

Energy Savings

The double-glazed coat provides you with ample insulation. The thermal insulation reduces the flow of incoming as well as outgoing heat. Those winters need not be biting cold anymore. Hence, lesser energy is utilized to heat up space. This can result in a drastic reduction in your electricity bills, after all.

Sound-Proofing Effect

Double glazed windows provide you with an ample insulating cover. You can also add a third or fourth layer to the windowpanes. A significant amount of heat is trapped. So, your homes are kept warmer. The additional insulation can also lend a sound-proofing effect to your homes.

Controlled Degree of Condensation

These form moisture droplets that condense into frost. These frosty substances or snow dew drops can enter your rooms too. The rooms feel colder and damp too.

As you feel colder, you will have to switch on your room heaters. A double-glazed pane prevents moisture from penetrating through, into your rooms. This way, the condensation particles don’t build up when the weather is cold. You feel warmer inside.


Double-glazed panes are harder to break through as compared to the single-pane counterparts. As the double-glazed panes are air-tight sealed. This way, burglars have a tough time sneaking into your homes from outside. Double-glazed panes, therefore, offer you with a better degree of safety or security.

Reduced Damage to Furniture or Fittings

Double glazed windows reduce the amount of heat from entering your homes. This factor can reduce the sun-damage done to furniture, fittings, carpet.

Now Let Us Move on To Explore the Dis-Advantages of Using Double-Glazed Windowpanes:

Double glazed windows

Cannot Repair These

As you have both layers of glass tightly enclosed between air, these cannot be repaired. Damaged panes allow heat or condensed water droplets to sneak into your homes. You can only replace windowpanes if there is a hole or a crack done to these.

Traps Heat

For winters or extremely cold temperature, the heat-trapping effect can be an advantage. Think about hot summers. You have so much heat that is trapped from the outside weather condition. This way, you get a stuffy and uncomfortable feel during hot summers. Homeowners usually add a sun-frame tint to prevent too much heat getting trapped into their homes.

Not A Good One for Older Homes

Double glazed panes suit modern outlook homes. As a house owner, if you decide to replace one set of windows with the double-glazed pane, the other windows can look mismatched.

These are the pros and cons of using double glazed windows. You can also have a single glazed pane and tint it with cooling materials. You can also have CCTV cameras in a place for that added degree of safety or security. You will also need to have a look at your budget if you want to revote your homes. Or add brand new upholstery to the same.

Have a thorough consultation with your home-designing architect on what type of windowpanes suit your home, the best. Mix and match options can also provide great looking vibes to your windows.

Advantages and disadvantages of double glazed windows

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