OMG, where has my little angel gone? Too early for terrible 2s!

Somewhere in the midst of the past week, the terrible 2s have arrived. Baby Bean has evolved from a sweet little angel to a TWA! Toddler With Attitude!!!!! I thought this wasn’t supposed to start until some time around 2-3 years. Please tell me out there that I am not alone and that my child is “normal” if there is such a thing.

A Toddler With Attitude?

Too early for terrible 2s!

Baby Bean has – so far – been a really good little girl (apart from the odd little moments here and there, generally when she’s tired. If I tell her not to do something, she stops, I give her lots of praise, we’re both happy. But over the past week, a switch has been triggered somewhere, and she no longer does as she’s told; instead, she gives me a devilish grin and continues with what she is doing or, worse still, laughs when I tell her not to do something and then continues.

Who are you?

She has started stamping her feet at me, smacking me, screaming, growling and worse still – throwing toys at me!!!! Tonight I decided enough was enough and put her to bed half an hour early before Daddy even got home because I couldn’t take the falling out anymore.

I understand that she is most likely trying to push her boundaries and test me, but surely my good little girl is still in there somewhere – please tell me how I reason with a 15-month-old when she is behaving like this?

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