Little Bean gets a big girls bed!

For some time now I’ve been wanting to get Little Bean a proper big girls bed and when I asked her what sort of bed she wanted, she only had one proviso “one that I have to climb a ladder to go to bed”. Now as much as I would like to spend £400 on a brand new bed I know this bed will only be for a short space of time and after making the mistake with Curly we decided that we would wait it out and see what we could pick up preloved!

For months I have been watching eBay, Facebook, and adverts in local papers and shops but nothing really caught my attention until last week when a gorgeous Mothercare Mid Sleeper appeared on Facebook complete with ‘cottage’ curtains underneath to provide her own little ‘den’.

Big Girls Bed

Hubby collected the bed yesterday morning and whilst we packed Little Bean off for the afternoon with my Mum, Hubby and I set to work on transforming her bedroom. When she came home last night, I hid up in her bedroom to capture her reaction when she first laid eyes on her new room. She loved it so much, she couldn’t wait to get to bed last night and slept through until this morning.

On the bottom of her bed I placed this Fairy Door which I had bought for her some time ago, waiting until the right time to use it. She spotted the Fairy Door straight away and asked what it was. I told her it was a magic door which could only be opened by Fairies and that she could leave letters and gifts for the Fairies by the door, then whilst she is sleeping the Fairies will collect them and sometimes they will leave letters and gifts for her too. She set to work straight away with Bro (Curly) creating pictures to leave for the Fairies and came running through to our bedroom this morning to tell us the Fairies had taken her letters, she was ecstatic.

Mummy Matters

Next it will be time to do Beanie Boy’s room as he doesn’t really need a ‘nursery’ anymore!

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