Thinking Slimmer – it has definitely had an effect!

Last year I applied to be a Thinking Slimmer blogger in association with Cybher 2012. I was really looking forward to giving it a try and began listening to the Slimpods each evening before bed. After just three nights of listening to the Slimpod I discovered I was pregnant with Jelly Bean and so I decided to stop.

Fast forward just over a year and I am now back on the Thinking Slimmer journey once more. My confidence since giving birth to Jelly Bean has not been good in many ways and one of those is linked to my self-image. I really wanted to start to feel better about myself but since I am breastfeeding Jelly Bean I didn’t want to go down the traditional dieting route in case I jeopardised the milk I was producing for Jelly Bean. I contacted Thinking Slimmer and asked the question whether Thinking Slimmer was suitable for a breastfeeding Mum or weather it was not recommended. I quickly received an email from Sandra at Thinking Slimmer who said that it was perfectly safe to follow a Thinking Slimmer fitpod after birth and in actual fact they have a slimpod which is aimed directly at new Mums.

I listened to the Slimpod as instructed for 10 minutes as I drifted off to sleep each night for 21 consecutive nights and then as and when I felt the need ever since. I was sceptical about it to begin with but then I started to notice subtle differences in my eating habits. Differences that I wasn’t aware that I was making until I looked back on my previous weeks’ food intake. Just small things initially, I found that I hadn’t been wanting as much cereal for my breakfast, only filling the bowl half way instead of to the top. For my lunch I had suddenly been craving soups and found the sandwiches and toast that I had been eating totally off my radar, I just didn’t fancy them in the slightest. In the evenings I no longer finished my whole plate of food and rarely wanted to follow it up with a mousse or yoghurt.

The biggest change I noticed was when Hubby suggested an Indian takeaway for tea one weekend. I agreed but whereas I would normally eat the entire takeaway placed on my plate, I found that I was full up by the time I had only eaten half of my food.

After a few weeks I began to receive compliments from various people who would comment on how my weight was coming off and how much better I was looking. In myself I began to feel better in my clothes, my maternity jeans were finally dropping off me and it was time to say goodbye. I dared to take the plunge and try on my pre-pregnancy jeans and was amazed to find that all but one pair of my jeans now fitted perfectly.

I’m still listening to the Slimpod every now and then to give my brain a bit of a boost but on the whole I am so pleased with the difference in me so far and for someone like me who isn’t great at watching what they eat I didn’t find it difficult at all, I just had to listen to the voices on the slimpod and 9 times out of 10 I would be fast asleep before the Slimpod had even finished. I still have a little way to go but at least I’m heading in the right direction!

DISCLAIMER: I was given the “Lose Your Baby Weight” slimpod for the purpose of this post. All words and opinions are my own. I have not been instructed what to write and my opinions remain unbiased. You may not copy my work without my prior permission.

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  1. I would like to think slimmer too, I hope I can give it a try too. It’s somehow related to the law of attraction, if we think slim we begin to feel and look slim too.

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